Begin a radiant spring with beautiful skin

The level of skincare products, facials and treatments you use makes all the difference in the world.

by Linda Leibl — 

Spring is the perfect time to renew and rejuvenate. It’s time to uncover the youthful vitality of your skin with the newest techniques — from facials and scrubs to natural skincare products, oxygen therapy and more. You are ready for radiance, but where do you begin and what do you need to know?

Start by doing your homework and carefully researching your options. Only then should you begin interviewing aestheticians. Once you are ready, be sure to interview them with your head, rather than your heart. Ask lots of questions and listen closely to their answers.

Optimally, they should be concerned about your needs and goals and how quickly you want results. They should listen to learn which problem areas on your face, neck and chest you want reduced, softened or eliminated. Ask all your questions up front on the phone so that when you arrive for your consultation appointment, you are already about 80 percent comfortable with the process. At the office, ask to see before-and-after pictures and look for visible improvements that relate to the procedure you’re interested in.

You don’t want to waste your valuable time or theirs, so make sure you are serious when making your appointment. Arrive on time or even a few minutes early. If you are late, you are only cutting into your own consultation time, plus punctuality is always appreciated. If my clients show up a bit early and I can take them, I do, and they get a few extra minutes which, ultimately, add up to better results for them.

The science behind younger, healthier skin

Aging is a dynamic process and can be slowed down. You are in control of what you do or don’t do with your skin. You can exfoliate by gently removing the top layers with light peels and scrubs, balance the pH with toners, hydrate with moisturizers and protect with sunscreens.

However, the level of skincare products, facials and treatments you use makes all the difference in the world. Cosmetic-grade products, which are the lowest level, are sold at local department stores and cosmetic counters. With these products, you are paying more for the packaging, marketing and advertising than what is inside the bottle. However, they are fine if you are between the ages of 16 and 26. They don’t do a lot, but they help get you in the habit of applying products.

Professional grade is the next level, which has fewer additives, fillers and toxins than the cosmetic-grade products. These are found at plastic surgeons’ offices, skincare spas and boutiques, and hair and beauty salons. They will give you better results than the cosmetic grade. But remember, just because you paid more for a product doesn’t mean it will necessarily work better.

Pharmaceutical-level products are obtained through a dermatologist. These products may contain ingredients that can be toxic to your liver, kidneys or other organs. Even if the dermatologist tells you a product is “dermatologist referred,” which likely means that he was given a box of samples to hand out, this doesn’t automatically mean it works better.

Remember, when you apply a skincare product anywhere on your body, it goes through your skin and into every organ in 26 seconds or less. This is reason enough to give careful consideration to the products you apply daily.

The bottom line is that it is best to consider products containing the least amount of toxic chemicals, fillers and additives. Use skincare, personal-care products and cosmetics that come from a natural form — plant-based botanicals derived from plants, seeds, nuts, herbs, flowers and fruits. This also applies to facial treatments, the best of which combine natural products with new technology.

Active skincare results

With the arrival of spring comes a host of exciting new facials. I have been especially delighted by those that incorporate exotic fruits from all over the world. One in particular, made of enzymes from African papaya and Far Eastern pineapple, is like an aromatic cocktail of natural fruit.

This amazing facial uses vitaspheres, a new delivery system that goes deeper into your skin, and has inspired me to create a whole new menu of skincare services. By synergistically combining this product with several others, I am delighted to now offer the “Exotic African Peel.” It is ideal for those 25 years and older who want to refine their skin and are looking for a smooth, translucent and glowing complexion.

Another exciting spring product is a uniquely formulated exfoliating scrub infused with thermal fusion technology. This product is made to increase microcirculation while gently sloughing off old, dead cells. It is great for reducing sun damage, brown spots, age spots, scarring, creases, uneven texture, blotchy complexion, breakouts, and large or clogged pores.

And finally, one of my favorites is oxygen therapy, which also has been in the forefront recently. Combined with a peel or scrub, it not only aids the product in penetrating deeper into the skin, but it also tightens large pores and softens broken capillaries on the face. Best of all, it accelerates the all-over results during your facial treatment and puts many of my clients into a light, relaxed sleep state. They say it is “a bit of pure heaven.”

I encourage you to step into spring and experience for yourself a bit of pure heaven with these exciting new skincare techniques. Here’s to your health, wealth, happiness and beautiful skin.


Linda L. Leibl, B.S., therapeutic aesthetician, founded Advanced Skin Technology in 1993. or 480-443-3445.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 2, April/May 2008.

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