Celestite: Stone of angelic wisdom

When one gazes into the delicate shimmering sky-blue celestite, its captivating energy is calming and enticingly seductive.

by Karyn Diane Kish — 

Celestite, also known as celestine, has a chemical composition of the mineral strontium sulfate. It has a hardness of 3 to 3.5, and typically forms tabular and prismatic crystals in the shape of clusters or geodes. The most prominent color is a soft sky blue, which may have been caused by the natural irradiation of gold.

The most beautiful blue is from Madagascar. Additional celestite hues that occur are white, gray or a greenish-blue; yet with the presence of the mineral barium, often brown, red, orange and yellow emerge.

Celestite crystals are usually discovered in areas where limestone and sandstone have begun to break down. Minerals such as calcite, dolomite, pyrite, gypsum and galena are generally present as well. Some of the finest celestite deposits and most sought-after specimens are currently found in Madagascar.

Celestite first came to light in the late 1700s, when discovered by A.G. Werner. The name is derived from the Latin coelestis, meaning heavenly. Truly, it is no wonder how this lovely crystal got its name, for when one gazes into the delicate shimmering sky-blue celestite, its captivating energy is calming and enticingly seductive. It brings inspiration and hope to the forefront by granting an increased awareness and more potent communication with the angelic realms. This awareness evokes the sensation of having transcended all earthly care and melding as one with the spirit.

As one taps into its energy, the most important lessons that celestite imparts are those of unconditional love and acceptance. It edifies with peaceful trust, incepting the knowledge that each of us, without question, is an integral part of the Divine Plan. It asks that you trust in the cycles of your life, as they bring you to the exact moment in time where you must be.

When we learn to release expectation, surrendering our old, futile patterns of worry and despair, a new kind of understanding will evolve, one based on trust, rather than certainty. This level of trust impedes discriminating against information that does not agree with what we think we know; thus we learn to receive new insights without judgment or prejudice.

Celestite’s powerful but tender uplifting energy stimulates the third-eye and crown chakras and the etheric chakras above the head. It is a wonderful tool to expand lucid dreams and dream recall, as an open channel between the physical and heavenly realms.

Be mindful and trust in the flow of life. Listen to the wisdom from within. Allow new insights with celestite, the stone of angelic wisdom.


Karyn Diane Kish, a former aerospace engineer, is founder and owner of Gypsy Trader. She is also an ordained minister, educator, intuitive spiritual counselor, clinical hypnotherapist and a certified Reconnection practitioner.602-971-4445 or karyndianekish@aol.com.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 1, Feb/Mar 2010.

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