Climbing your life’s mountain to true happiness

Each decision for our happiness is another step in the right direction toward being proactive and positive in our lives. Fear is no longer an obstacle, and the past is left exactly where it supposed to be — in the past.

by Brian J. Zahn — 

If you assess your life at this moment, are you happy where you are? The clock is constantly ticking and things are changing all around you; are you changing as well? When you decide to move forward from where you are today, it is as if you are slowly climbing a mountain and connecting to true happiness in all areas of your life.

Everyone has a story of misfortune to tell from their past, whether it is from childhood, their teens or recent adulthood. Many of our stories center around major life events that involve abandonment, hurt and unhappiness. The question we must ask is whether we have learned to use these experiences as catalysts to help us move forward.

From the moment we are born, we are conditioned by negativity. Most of us hear the word “no” more than 2,000 times as youngsters. Sometimes hearing “no” can actually save our lives, but most of the time it is used as a control mechanism to force us to do what others want us to do.

We might even have heard comments from our closest family members, friends or loved ones that we are not truthful, good enough, smart enough, strong enough or capable enough. Who is to say that their words are true? Although we know deep in our hearts they usually are not, such past negativity can hinder our ability as adults to act, feel, and control our own lives and happiness.

Perhaps no one has taught us to toss these negative comments, often projections of the speaker’s own inadequacies, to the curb. We must develop the tools to believe in ourselves in order to be more than we are today. And, today is the perfect time to examine our lives and note where we are on life’s mountain of happiness.

When we want to achieve more in life, we must make a conscious choice to move forward. This may involve developing a more fulfilling love relationship, a healthier body or more success in our careers. Or we may desire to find our passions and talents, improve our self-confidence, rid ourselves of a fear, or bring a balance of inner peace and harmony into our lives.

Each decision for our happiness is another step in the right direction toward being proactive and positive in our lives. Fear is no longer an obstacle, and the past is left exactly where it supposed to be — in the past. Whatever our goals, we are prepared to acquire the tools needed to get there.

As you begin to climb your mountain, you will achieve the goals that are important to you and connect yourself to your greatest assets. Even with the bumps you may face along the way, you will realize that the journey up is its own reward.

Just as one person chooses to move forward up the mountain, there are many who choose to ignore their happiness and stay in the status quo. They choose to absorb negativity, ignore their light from within and refuse to live in the present moment. Their past may consume them. They find themselves taking life for granted, and giving up everything they once believed, allowing their fears to take over. Essentially, they decide to stop climbing the mountain and consequently become stuck at a certain plateau.

Some might not believe they truly deserve to be happy because they have never experienced happiness. Their past may have conditioned them to give up on everything they have ever dreamed of, wanted or wished to come true. When this happens, people forget to live their lives, instead making excuses they then turn into truths. They may even decide to start walking down the mountain because life is just too hard and, seemingly, not worth the work or fight it may take to find their happiness.

To bring awareness and recognition to your place on your mountain of happiness, take a moment to answer some of these questions.

What does happiness mean to you? Do you deserve and want to be happy? Do you believe in yourself? Are you consumed by fear? Do you live in the past? Are you stuck in negativity? Do you think positively? Do you easily get lost? Can you take small steps up the mountain? Would you rather stay in the status quo? If so, why? Do you have the tools to become happy? Can you ask for help?

Remember, by simply taking appropriate actions and believing in yourself and your goals, you can find a way to climb your mountain toward true happiness. Even if you do not reach the very top, you will find all kinds of happiness around you along the way.

With each step forward there is a new experience from which to learn and grow that will make you a more confident, positive and happy person. No matter how slow your steps are, keep pressing forward and take ownership of what you truly want out of life. Never, ever give up.

When encountering obstacles, all you need to do is ask for help. There is definitely no shame in that. Whatever your goals, by living in the present moment, letting go of the past and climbing your mountain, you will not only honor your light from within, but achieve success along the way. Happy climbing!


Brian J. Zahn is a certified life coach, author and motivational speaker., or 480-254-5000.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 4, August/September 2007.

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