Discovering your soul through past and future lives

August 15, 2012

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Each of us is a soul living within a human body, gifted with an unlimited capacity for greatness.

by Tina G Sacchi — 

Do you ever wonder why you have instinctive knowledge on certain subjects, tasks or activities? Or why are you drawn to certain people, cultures, beliefs and traditions, while some places, people and things feel off limits? The exploration of past and future lives sounds mysterious and mystical, and some people are even intimidated by the concept. So why should you explore or recall aspects of your being at all?

Each of us is a soul living within a human body, gifted with an unlimited capacity for greatness. This current human lifetime that you have chosen is one of many lifetimes that your soul will experience. That is why many people believe that death, as we know it here on Earth, really does not take place. It is merely an illusion because you simply shift from one life to another incarnation after your “passing.” You leave your body, but your spirit continues on in another form. Your spirit is pure energy, and energy does not disappear; it transforms into something else. We all have chosen to be here in this lifetime to experience different things and to learn important lessons.

Part of the purpose here on Earth is to assume a human form and to forget the soul’s memories. It is like a temporary amnesia. You are born, you forget who you once were, you rediscover yourself, and then ultimately you return to your all-knowing soul essence. But why should you care about your past or future lives?

Because you are a soul experiencing a human existence, sometimes a memory of one of your past lives breaks through to this lifetime. For example, if you had an experience in a past life in which you died from a snakebite, you might now be terrified of snakes but not understand why.

The emotions of the past life sometimes “bleed through” to your current lifetime and create unconscious blocks, obstacles and barriers that prevent you from living your fullest potential in the here and now — the present moment. Through past-life exploration using a technique known as past-life regression, you can get to the root of the problem (across all lifetimes) and neutralize that fear of snakes. It is important to get to the root of the matter, because if you do not eliminate it, the problem keeps coming back. It is like pulling a weed without extracting the whole root — eventually, the weed grows back stronger and mightier.

If you only focus on the events happening to you in this lifetime, you have not dug deep enough to get to the crux of any problems. However, making deep-seated changes in your current life will help you create a future life that is much more beneficial and on track with your spiritual purpose and destiny.

Past lives can affect your current reality in many ways and will have a domino effect on any of your future lives. For example, a person may have taken a vow of poverty in a previous life. When incarnated in this lifetime, if that vow is not cleared, poverty can continue to be a way of life.

So, you might live in poverty in this lifetime and never be able to get ahead because there is a subconscious belief stored in your soul’s memory bank that says, “You must be poor to be close to God.” Some people wonder why abundance does not flow to them and why they are living hand-to-mouth. Clearing these energy imprints, patterns and beliefs will open the channels and allow prosperity to enter into this and future lifetimes.

Exploring your lives from any time and space can help you clear vows, eliminate phobias and fears, clear old and rusty emotions, and even clear incongruent relationships. Many people find themselves tied to destructive people, and wonder why they cannot let go. Sometimes an unresolved relationship from another time keeps people together in an unhealthy manner in the current lifetime. Clearings that use past-life regression, future-life progression and/or energy-healing techniques such as shamanic practices can rapidly shift relationships in this lifetime to benefit all those involved.

It is important to note that we are not clearing the memory of a specific lifetime (because soul memories cannot be erased); rather, we are clearing the emotional charge associated with the memory. In the example of the snakebite, it is true that you might have had a memory of death by snakebite. You simply have to let go of the emotions of fear, terror and panic associated with that life-threatening event so that when you see a snake, you can have a neutral emotional response.

The next time you see a snake, you will be able to say, “Oh, that is just a snake,” without having any particular negative feeling about it. You might even be able to hold a snake because you no longer associate it with causing your physical death in a past life. The emotional charge is cleared so that you are no longer ruled by it.

Releasing and clearing past-life emotional charges is like peeling the layers of an onion. Each time you peel back a layer, you rediscover your soul essence. Eventually, you begin to see that you are not just your experiences. You are a soul with unlimited light and potential. Miracles will begin to happen in your current life, as well as set the foundation for your future lives.

Pay attention to the unexplainable reactions or feelings that are quite pronounced for you in this lifetime. For example, if you have a feeling of abandonment and there is no explanation whatsoever for this feeling to surface, then it is time to examine whether it could be a leftover memory from a past life or a future lifetime that is about to manifest.

You are always creating your future. You move energy to your future through thoughts. Perhaps your future life feelings were planted many lifetimes ago. That is how powerful you are.


Tina G. Sacchi has a master’s degree in holistic alternative arts and is certified in clinical hypnotherapy through the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis, as well as the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 4, August/September 2011.

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