Finding the gifts in the new economy

Confidence involves transforming fear into focused thinking, communication and action.

by Connie Kadansky — 

What gift is this economy giving you? I recently asked that question of an audience of business owners. You should have seen the looks on their faces. One person scowled at me and muttered something profane under his breath. Another packed up his stuff indignantly and walked out. It was, admittedly, a risky question in this volatile market. However, playing the “Ain’t it awful?” game does not serve anyone.

There is a gift in every audience, and this day was no different. Gary started the ball rolling. He revealed that, “Yes, I had to lay some people off. However, we have pulled together as a team and have actually uncovered a new market that is proving to be very exciting.”

The remaining people took some deep breaths and listened respectfully as Gary discussed leading his company through this process of discovery. He described how the remaining employees are so much more appreciative of their jobs because each of them has had a family member who lost their job. He said it is now fun to come to work because of all the new energy and eagerness to be part of the solution. Gary spoke with confidence as he said, “I know we will make it.”

Gary’s honesty, creativity and optimism opened the door for others to share the positive steps they too have taken in their businesses. The energy in the room shifted from one of fear to a calm, introspective atmosphere.

Confidence involves transforming fear into focused thinking, communication and action. Fear, doubt and self-pity are dark holes that serve only to create more of the same. While it can initially be difficult to see the gifts in crises, difficult times often present new opportunities for expansion.

Choice, change and connection are available to you right now. When you are open, you are more creative and more able to receive. With the right attitude and perspective, I am confident that you will find solutions. What gift is this economy giving you?


Connie Kadansky is an international sales coach and trainer who works with salespeople and business owners looking to overcome the fear of prospecting and self-promotion., or 602-997-1101.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 4, August/September 2010.

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