Harmony in your workplace

Feng shui principles can be used to create a stress-free work environment, even if your company is not feng shui savvy.

by Joy Abrams — 

If Jerry Seinfeld had done a show on feng shui in the workplace, he would have said, “It sounds interesting, but what is it good for anyway?” The answer is that it is about improving your life in one of the places that you spend the most time — your office.

It is very simple: When you are happy where you work, you are more productive — which benefits both you and the company you work for. Therefore, it behooves any company to make sure that its employees are not drained on the job, as this lowers productivity and office morale.

Here are some feng shui tips to help de-stress you and your office:

  • Get out of the line of fire — Make sure that you do not sit directly opposite the entrance door. Every time someone comes into your office, energy comes in with them and hits whatever is across from the door; this can be very draining. Pointed walls and corners of furniture facing you should be avoided.
  • Cover your back — You will be more relaxed if you sit with your back facing a wall. Activity going on behind you can be frustrating and uncomfortable.
  • See the front door — You will be more relaxed if you can see the front door of the office. If this is not possible to change, consider placing a mirror on your desk to reflect it.
  • Reduce your exposure to EMFs — Electromagnetic frequencies from computers and electronic equipment lower your body’s melatonin levels which can affect your mood and sleep patterns. High exposure to EMFs makes you feel moody and/or angry. Have your computer plugged into a power strip so that you can completely turn off the electricity when it is not in use.
  • Perk up your office — Place quartz crystals and live plants, like a Peace Lily, near your computer to help to soak up some of the negative energy.
  • Lighting — Use incandescent lighting in your office, if possible. Use full-spectrum bulbs if flourescent lighting is your only option.

Feng shui principles can be used to create a wonderful stress-free work environment, even if your company is not feng shui savvy. Use the above tips and more to make your own personal workspace a pleasure to be in — all without anyone noticing.


Joy Abrams, MA, FSII, is a feng shui and yoga master, and empowerment specialist. She is an international author who served on the board and faculty of the Feng Shui Institute International and gives online personal feng shui readings. www.aaafengshuiandyoga.com, www.empowermentwithjoy.com or 602-791-5223.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 3, June/July 2010.

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