Health from a meteor

by Victoria Bowmann — 

The origin of Si Bin is an intergalactic, mineral-rich meteor that exploded in limestone. Long before recorded history, a large meteor hit what is now known as the Northeast Provinces of China and exploded into the area’s limestone. Under the enormous pressure and heat from the explosion, the limestone and meteor fused together, forming veins of Si Bin.

It is composed of more than 40 minerals and trace elements, and emits a wide frequency band of far-infrared healing radiation. This is safe and beneficial to the human body, and Chinese healers have developed different healing applications from it.

Tourmaline is a mineral found in many areas of the earth, although some deposits have greater energy than others. It produces an electrical current, generates negative ions and emits far infrared energy. All of these properties are very important for keeping our bodies in healthy balance.

Today, Si Bin is combined with tourmaline, as each complements the other. In the 1980s, it was discovered that when the two minerals were put together, something geometric happened: the energy and healing became greater than the sum of the parts.

During the process of blending, numerous steps occur. First, they are ground into a fine powder, and additional minerals and trace elements are added. Next, the powder is blended into a ceramic clay and baked. This is then ground again into a fine powder and mixed with medical-grade silicon to produce beads, ion sticks and ceramic stones. These can be worn on the body or placed into water. They energize water, enhance oxygen absorption, improve fluid waste elimination, neutralize bacteria, improve metabolism, and increase sports performance and recovery from fatigue.

An interesting property of this compound is its ability to recharge from the sun’s UV rays while being placed in daylight for a few hours (every month or so). Generally, two hours is sufficient. This may vary, depending on the individual using the products.

We have so many healing substances available, and more are waiting to be discovered. One can marvel at the wisdom of the universe as it presents itself to us from around the earth.


Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D., is a licensed massage practitioner specializing in cleansing and detoxification. She has been in private practice in northeast Phoenix since 1978. 602-971-8392 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 5, Oct/Nov 2009.

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