How to recognize an ethical transchannel

Ultimately, if we do not see each other as equal, whole and able to connect to the Source within, we hold one another in deep disrespect.

by Rochelle Sparrow — 

I was reminded of the zen koan, “When you see a Buddha in the road, kill him,” several times this past week while involved in meetings with two different groups. Both groups intended to support the whole of their memberships. Each group had within it a transchannel who was intentionally self-promoting, controlling and unwilling to listen to the voice of the group as a whole.

These experiences remind me of other experiences with tranchannels who believed that they were “the one.” They also believed that their view of spirituality was “the truth.”

Ultimately, if we do not see each other as equal, whole and able to connect to the Source within, we hold one another in deep disrespect. As healers, designated virtually by being transchannels, we must make great efforts to recognize that the information flowing from us comes through us, but is not of us.

If we devalue our messages, becoming wishy-washy and disrespecting of our mission because of societal prejudice, we do not value the divinely created information from our guides. Likewise, if we become arrogant because we believe our abilities make us special, we shut ourselves off from the true reality of our connection with Source. Both stances limit our growth exponentially. Both stances doubt the true reality of our guidance and divine connection to Source.

Five ways to recognize an ethical transchannel

1. Ethical transchannels respect your boundaries. They listen to your ideas and support your connection to the Divine. The information they impart will empower you to heal in a way that is for your higher good. They will not give you their answer, will not correct you about your answers, and will not dominate the flow of conversation around their knowledge. Ethical transchannels will not con you by telling you that their way is the only way. Their viewpoint will not take precedence and they will respect not only your point of view, but all people’s perspectives, equally.

2. Ethical transchannels will not shamelessly promote themselves at every opportunity. If you spend time with your transchannel and they promote their books and services every other moment, you are being exploited, not healed.

3. Ethical transchannels will equally respect their ability and your ability to manifest. They will not tell you their information is the final truth. We always have the ability to change the trajectory of our path to create the reality we intend. I have seen so many fear-based e-mails about how to prepare for Earth’s changes that I now automatically delete them. We are in charge of our creation of life.

4. Ethical transchannels are involved in their own psychological processes. They know they are human beings with human psychology and are willing to seek help either to heal their own psychological pain or to expand themselves. This is not a part-time process, but a 24/7 process in which the transchannel seeks out constant help from qualified healers.

5. Ethical transchannels will charge you a fair price for their services. Because they value themselves and their services, they will not give them away. On the other hand, they will not overcharge for their services out of a fear of lack.

When it comes to transchannels, pay attention to your own gut instincts, your own feelings and your own intuitive responses. Many self-proclaimed healers out there are not acting in your best interest. Only you can pay attention to your own best interest.


Rochelle Sparrow, MSW, LCSW is a host of The Rochelle Sparrow Psychic Connection on, a producer, lecturer, media personality and author. She is also a trained therapist and transchannel who offers individual, couples and group trance channeled sessions. 602-430-6447, or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 3, June/July 2006.

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