Illuminating the light body with love

An important factor in expanding your light body is the power of forgiveness.

by Cassandra Terra Nova — 

Your light body can expand its “light quotient” throughout your lifespan, whenever you choose to embrace or forgive any aspect of life. This is the simple truth. The more you offer love, in any form, the greater your light body’s capacity to expand. Conversely, if a person lives a constricted life — rarely sharing their love with anyone — their light body will have diminished at the completion of their embodiment.

An important factor in expanding your light body is the power of forgiveness. The Aramaic definition of forgiveness is: “I release all that is not love in my field.” The classic Greek definition of forgiveness is: “I pardon you.” Forgiveness opens the heart to experience deeper love for yourself and all of life.

When you embrace life, accepting its perfection just the way it is, you are choosing love. As you continue to choose love in life’s situations, you fill your matrix with radiant love. This allows your divine matrix to expand into a luminous golden light that supports your life to manifest its highest potential. It is a simple solution — to choose love. You are given the opportunity in each moment to make two choices: one is to embrace love and the other is to embrace that which is not love in your life.

If something in your being experiences pain or the need to forgive someone, it is important to allow yourself to witness what is coming up for you. Allow yourself to experience the pain, giving no indication that anyone is to blame or to be held responsible … simply allowing your heart to open and give forth love. Freely embrace the truth of your being.

When you have witnessed all the energetics, ask your higher self to flood your matrix with love. Your light body will immediately expand its light quotient and embrace love. Love radiates so much light that it could fill a universe, and it does! This light fills the heavens and the Angelic Kingdom. Each time you choose love, you increase the light in your being and in the heavens. You are truly one with all that is.


Cassandra Terra Nova resides in Hawaii and facilitates life-changing workshops and individual sessions internationally. 602-465-1574, or 

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 1, February/March 2007.

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