Imagine for a moment …

All of our experiences compose the great and wonderful soul that we are. These experiences define us.

by Sandy Jones — 

Imagine your life for a moment … What does it feel like? Is it filled with peace and contentment? Or is it filled with anxiety and trepidation? Do you feel as though you are walking on eggshells? Or is the earth firmly planted beneath your feet?

At different points in our lives, any of the above statements may be true. Life is challenging. Life is peaceful. Life is crazy. Life is sweet. All of our experiences compose the great and wonderful soul that we are. These experiences define us. They mold us. They determine the way we see life, and how we perceive events, people, places and things.

Imagine looking at a person who has hurt you deeply. You cannot help but see this person through the distortion of the event that created your pain. This, however, is like seeing them through a filter. Imagine it like a piece of broken glass. You do not see what is true; rather, you see through the distortion of the broken glass.

Now imagine what it would be like to look at this same person through clear glass, seeing all that is, without distortion and without any attachments or preconceived notions. Imagine seeing this person for the truth of who they really are, before you created an alternate vision of them.

Imagine for a moment that whatever negative experience occurred had never happened. It ceases to exist. It is gone, completely erased from your memory. Pause for a moment. Feel this moment in its tenuous grace. Hold very still. Do not think. Just be, in the stillness of this moment. All is forgotten.

Now look again at this person. Who do you see now? How do you feel?

What was is in the past. It no longer exists. Imagine the possibility of being able to release all of those precarious moments that leave you breathless with anxiety, pain or regret.

Our creator has no memory of what was, only of what is. If this is so, and we are created in this image of perfection, then we, too, can forget.  We can forget — and then we can remember, feel peace and see the truth of what is.

Imagine …


Sandy Jones is an ordained interfaith minister who  recently created Soul Motivations, a ministry devoted to helping people remember., or 480-491-2464.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 5, October/November 2006.

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