Is the grass really greener on the other side?

First of all, why is there a fence and why isn’t your side of the proverbial fence the greener side?

by Sherry Anshara — 

I have always loved the adage, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” But what is it really saying, and what does it mean? If you think about it, this saying could be interpreted in multiple ways.

We can start by asking ourselves some questions. First of all, why is there a fence and why isn’t your side of the proverbial fence the greener side? Or perhaps the saying is referring back to that other adage, “Don’t fence me in.”

If this is the case, perhaps the fence is referring to a physical or metaphoric boundary that is holding you back from being yourself. This could be a place you have locked yourself behind, giving you an excuse for not venturing out into the world.

So, are you keeping yourself fenced in? Are you preventing yourself from exploring the greener grass out of fear? Numerous questions come up when you begin to look at what exactly is in your fenced-in area. Take a moment to reflect and examine the boundaries you have put up in your life.

When you do this, keep in mind that greener may not even be the issue. Greener pastures elsewhere simply may be rhetoric for what is going on inside your fenced-in life. Remember that everything around you is an expression of you. If you see your life, your fenced-in area, as dull, unexciting or filled with drama, take a deep look at yourself and ask, “Why is this?”

As soon as you begin to ask yourself clear questions, truth-filled answers will come. Your life is exactly what you make of it. Start seeing it with a lucid perspective instead of a cloudy one. Change your dull green perspective to one of bright green. Change your self-dialogue and you instead might see burgeoning opportunities that will expand the boundaries of your fenced-in area.

Clear out the weeds of self-limitations, take the initiative and you will eventually tear down the fence. Expand your field of vision. Discover places you have never been before. Participate, enjoy and make a bonfire of those former fences. Walk forward as though your toes are feeling the clean, green grass on the other side for the first time.


Sherry Anshara is a medical intuitive, author and founder of the QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness, creator of the QuantumPathic Energy Method and founder/president of the Blended Healthcare Consortium in Scottsdale, Ariz. She hosts Conscious Healing radio show 5 p.m. PST Wednesdays on 480-609-0874, or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 4, Aug/Sept 2010.

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