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Business plans help us focus on our annual goals and objectives.

by Elyse Ann — 

Most people are familiar with the term “business plan.” Some have even written one for their own business, or work for a company that has one in place. Business plans help us focus on our annual goals and objectives.

Many of you made resolutions on New Year’s Eve. You may have resolved to keep your resolutions with complete and absolute conviction, perhaps even employing something like a business plan for focusing on your goals.

After your New Year’s Eve celebration, you may have woken up and put a lot of thought and intention into keeping your resolutions. You set in motion the steps needed to attain and maintain them. And many of you have stayed strong in your commitment. However, statistics show that as time goes by, most people do not keep their resolutions. For those who have stuck to your resolutions almost halfway into the year, congratulations!

For those of you who have not, perhaps it is time to renew your commitment and take another look at your business plan. Many businesses perform a quarterly check-up to assess their goals and direction. Why not try the same thing for yourself? Now that the second quarter is about over, look at your resolutions and assess which ones are going as planned, which are lagging and which may have been abandoned. Then redesign your plan to again bring your goals into focus. Recommit to accomplishing your resolutions.

We must never give up our quest for self-improvement. Yes, we have responsibilities to others — family, job and friends; the list goes on. However, in our quest to help others, many of us fail to fulfill our responsibilities to ourselves. Our first responsibility should be to become the best “me” possible. This is not selfish, but an act of pure love. It is the act of honoring ourselves.

For those who did not make resolutions this year, now is an ideal time to create a “new quarter” resolution. Revisit your personal business plan and continue your path of improvement. Hold your goals in your mind and close to your heart — then watch your growth as time unfolds.


Elyse Ann is an intuitive life consultant and healer who has guided hundreds of clients along their life path and facilitated countless healings. 602-992-0878, elyseann@cox.net or www.elyseann.com.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 3, June/July 2007.

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