Natural nail restoration

Individuals may also be asked to apply products at home, requiring minimal effort.

by Kim Mason — 

Did you know that stress and certain medical conditions can often adversely affect the natural growth of your nails? You can correct this, however. Nail restoration is the process by which a licensed technician returns nails to their naturally healthy and strong state.

This process includes an initial assessment of each nail to determine the most effective approach to restoring them. Products are then carefully considered before use, depending on whether the nails are dry, peeling or soft. Additionally, the nail technician must give careful consideration to an individual’s medical condition.

Extensive research is then conducted by the nail technician to ensure that each product is tried and tested for the best results for each client. It is important that clients follow the recommended restoration program designed individually for them.

Products will be carefully applied to each nail, as their use and purpose are explained thoroughly. It’s best to use natural and organic products which are part of a holistic approach that involves the elimination of harmful odors (found in most salons).

This process is especially beneficial for diabetics and cancer survivors whose medical treatments have often resulted in damaged nails.

For best results, weekly nail restoration treatments are required. Results may take three to eight months, although some repair and healing will be evident in as little as four weeks. Individuals may also be asked to apply products at home, requiring minimal effort. This is necessary to maximize the restoration process.

Toenails also can become soft or very dry and brittle. The holistic approach for toenail restoration includes a medicinal pedicure using organic essential oils. These oils penetrate very effectively to heal and hydrate both the nails and the feet. A restoration product is chosen for the client depending on the condition of the toenail.

A surprising result of this restoration program is that your natural fingernails will be so beautifully restored that people might think you’re wearing acrylics. Watch for their reaction when you tell them that the lovely, healthy nails they are admiring are your very own.


Kim Mason is owner of Nail Angelo’s in Phoenix. 602-478-7331 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 5, Oct/Nov 2009.

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