Pendulum dowsing basics

February 27, 2012


A dowser will ask a question and interpret the movement of the pendulum to obtain an answer.

by Tina Sacchi — 

Used since ancient times, dowsing is a technique for locating hidden water wells, metals and gemstones. A Y-shaped wooden twig or metal divining rod is used to guide dowsers to the location where water or earth objects can be found.

Pendulum dowsing has become popular as a way to get accurate answers to questions. A pendulum is a crystal or metal weight on a chain. A dowser will ask a question and interpret the movement of the pendulum to obtain an answer.

A pendulum is simply a tool for accessing your higher self to discern answers. You already have the answers within you. Your higher self is your closest connection to the Great Spirit, which is absolute truth. You can refer to the Great Spirit as God, the universe or a power greater than ourselves.

Several important pendulum dowsing techniques are available that you can practice to achieve accurate answers to your questions. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. As you practice using your pendulum, you will become more comfortable with learning how to access your higher self.

1. Open sacred space — Before you begin to use your pendulum, it is important that you are always a clear and perfect channel of the Great Spirit. When you open sacred space, you are creating a sacred space for yourself where only light and love can enter.

There may be times when you unconsciously channel energy that is not for your highest good. When you are a source of light, darkness will be attracted to you because we live in a world of duality.  It is important to stay connected to the Great Spirit and expel all energies that are not serving your highest good before you start dowsing.

Just before you begin dowsing, say the following prayers to yourself or out loud: “I invoke the Great Spirit within me. I am a clear and perfect channel. The Great Spirit is my guide. The Great Spirit and I are one. Clear me; shield me; protect me.”

Then, invite your guides to come through to help you. “I invite the Great Spirit, my higher self, my guides and angels to be present and to communicate with me through my pendulum.”

2. Program your pendulum — Once you have opened sacred space, it is best to program your pendulum with answers. There are five basic answers you can program into the pendulum. They are: yes, no, research, clearing and ready answer.

Yes and no are the most basic answers. Research means that you need to refine your question to achieve an accurate answer. Sometimes your questions are too vague to answer, so you must refine your questions through more research.

Clearing means that something needs to clear before you can get an accurate answer. Your clearing response is like using a broom to sweep out any misaligned energies before you begin. Ready answer means that your pendulum is ready for your question. It’s in the ready position.

To program your pendulum, hold the chain of the pendulum with your fingers and let it hang. Swing it to create movement. Then, in your mind or out loud, repeat the following: “Higher self, please show me my yes response.” Your pendulum will start to swing in a specific direction. This direction is your yes response.

Some people find that for yes, their pendulum swings up and down; others find that their pendulum swings back and forth; and yet others find that their yes response is a circular clockwise or counterclockwise motion. The movement of your yes response is unique to you, so do not get stuck on the idea that your pendulum has to swing in a certain direction to work effectively.

Continue to perform this process for each of the five answers.

3. Ask a question — Once your pendulum is programmed and you feel like you’ve got it, think of a question. Just before you ask for a response, use your pendulum to ask for permission. Remember, it is always important to ask for permission to dowse: May I? May I dowse for this particular question? Can I? Can I dowse for this particular question? or Should I? Should I dowse for this particular question?

If you get a no response for any of these three questions, it is best to stop or rephrase your question so that you get three yes responses. For example, you never want to dowse for someone else without their permission, make medical diagnoses, foretell the future or perhaps interfere with someone’s free will.

After you are in the clear, practice dowsing with very basic questions until you get a feel for using your pendulum. You can start with questions as simple as, “Is my name Tina Sacchi?” The obvious answer is yes. If your pendulum swings in any other direction than your yes, keep trying until it — the yes response — comes through for you.

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Tina G. Sacchi is a professional master dowser, a holistic shamanic practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, speaker and teacher. Her techniques also include Reiki, ear coning, meditation, life coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, spiritual/Angel readings, crystal and sound healing. She is the co-founder of the School of Enlightenment., 623-261-6167 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 1, Feb/Mar 2010.

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