Proclaiming who you are

By declining a gift, you are dishonoring your divine beauty.

by Glenyss Lim — 

When offered a gift, have you ever heard yourself say, “Oh, I couldn’t take it,” or “Give it to him instead”? What about the times someone has wanted to help you and you say, “It’s OK, I can manage.” It may be a big task such as moving, doing yard work, the housework or an important project at work, or it may be something as simple as holding a door or help lift a box.

You likely feel it would be selfish to honor yourself. In that moment, you are practicing limitation and, in fact, you are declaring that you are not worthy, or are less worthy than someone else. Yet the spark of divinity in you is the same as it is in another person.  Furthermore, you deprive others of the joy of giving, of serving or demonstrating their love toward you. By declining a gift, you are dishonoring your divine beauty.

Instead, remember to honor your wholeness.  Each of us is precious. Allow yourself to accept your divine worthiness in humility. You are in partnership with the divine, and it is selfish to deprive divinity.

Expand yourself a little further and contemplate that hidden dream you’ve closeted all this time for fear of seeming foolish or being ridiculed. Dare to dream your dream and, as you feel the fear, remember your partnership with divinity; then step up and out to do it, anyway. Can you dare to do less?

Commit yourself to your unrealized dream. It comes from the source. The divine has given your dream a life of its own that is waiting for your co-creation. The dreams of the divine live within you.

Tell others of your dream. Nurture the images, and plan them into reality. Step out in love, and trust with focused intent.


Glenyss Lim R.N., B.S., is a LaHo Chi energy practitioner, sound healer, de-corder and counselor with a background in loss and grief issues. She also facilitates meditation and spiritual growth classes. 480-246-9172 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 5, October/November 2008.

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