Rolfing®: WD-40® for the joints

February 23, 2012

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Each Rolfing session builds on the previous one to open connective tissue (fascia) in the entire body.

by Deanna Melnychuk — 

Do you wake up sounding like a squeaky screen door? Do your shoulders, elbows, knees or ankles not bend the way they used to? In other words, is your range of motion limited? Does it feel like you just need to have your joints oiled so you can move easily (and quietly) again?

Rolfing® Structural Integration is the bodywork that will help you accomplish this. After 10 sessions of Rolfing, your joints will be more flexible, you will have better coordination, more energy (because you are more efficient in your movements), and diminished aches and pains.

How is this possible? Each Rolfing session builds on the previous one to open connective tissue (fascia) in the entire body. A layer of fascia, just under the skin, surrounds and permeates our muscles, bones and organs; it is the substance of which our tendons and ligaments are composed.

When we age, have an accident, surgery, an emotional trauma, stress or bad postural habits, our fascia tends to harden, thicken and shorten. Usually this occurs naturally to protect an injured or overused area, but our bodies tend to take it beyond healing and into restriction. We may get a frozen shoulder or sciatic nerve pain, or a lower backache and knee ache.

A Rolfer™, using her hands, elbows and fingers, will find the restriction and be able to hold in the connective tissue. By locating the accurate depth of the restriction and allowing her own body weight to cause the tissue to release, she can accomplish this in a 75- to 90-minute session.

A Rolfing session consists of an evaluation, participatory bodywork and a re-evaluation. You will leave feeling lighter, more centered and grounded, taller, more alert and eager to experience the new mobility in your body. Your joints will move with more ease, and you will realize that after every session, your body and posture continue to change and improve.

Do not wait any longer. Remember that tightness just gets tighter. Find a Rolfer and get WD-40 lubrication for your joints and muscles.

Deanna Melnychuk, B.Sc., is a certified advanced Rolfer™ and Rolfing Movement practitioner, licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, cranial release practitioner, cranioSacral therapist and reflexologist. 602-404-8685 or


Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 5, Oct/Nov 2011.

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