Tips for finding everyday comfort

Real comfort is a grace that can be found in the context of daily living.

by Colette Lafia — 

Real comfort is a grace that can be found in the context of daily living. We just need to open our arms and receive it. We need to open our arms and give it. The following are simple ways to care for ourselves and others.

1. Imagine a thread connecting every human being. Connecting yourself to the web of life can provide comfort. We are not in each other’s way; rather, we are the way for each other and sources of comfort for one another.

2. Give something of comfort to someone who needs it. Perhaps give a book, picture, figurine, rosary or soft sweater, or even your time. Offer this gift as a sign of support and caring.

3. Listen to someone without giving advice or trying to solve a problem. Sometimes all another person wants is the comfort of being heard.

4. Imagine how many “drops of comfort” you receive from simple but sacred objects. Recognize objects that give you comfort, e.g., a wedding ring or photo of a loved one.

5. Send a card, note or e-mail to comfort someone. Remember a special occasion, acknowledge an accomplishment or offer support during a difficult time or transition.


Colette Lafia is an educator, author and certified spiritual director providing workshops around her book, Comfort and Joy: Simple Ways to Care for Ourselves and Others. 415-290-9372, or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 4, August/September 2008.

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