What do your cheeks say about your career?

Face reading can help you identify your true calling just by looking in the mirror.

by Julie Cox — 

Today, many of you are contemplating total career changes. Accountants are becoming nurses. Newscasters are becoming veterinarians. Tomorrow’s companies and jobs will be created because of individual inspiration, compassion and unique natural talents, so the need for understanding your purpose has never been greater.

Nothing reveals as much about an individual and their destiny as their facial features. Face reading can help you identify your true calling just by looking in the mirror. It is an ancient art of identifying character, personality and fate by understanding the meaning of unique facial features.

Face readers begin by dividing the contour of the head into basic shapes: square, round, oval, triangular (heart), semi-triangular and pear-shape. The overall shape of a person’s face will show their destiny and basic personality.

A square face is recognizable by a square hairline and an equally square jaw line. People with this face shape are self-confident and naturally inclined to be assertive. They are not easily intimidated, and they welcome challenges.

People with square-shaped faces are extremely protective. They have a strong sense of justice and will defend, with great passion, what they believe to be right. You see people with square-shaped faces in leadership positions and in occupations like acting, sports, management, military, law enforcement and politics.

A round-shaped face features a gently rounded hairline and a jaw line that is only slightly narrower than the temples. A person with a round face puts other people’s needs first.

Round-faced people are often good speakers, and they know how to argue. However, they will usually fail to win their cases because it’s not in their basic natures to run over others to make a point. They enjoy the good life and have even temperaments. A person with a round face is destined to do well in careers such as chef, dancer, child care, home health, health care, human resources, sales and teaching.

Some features are vital in a face reading because they are very revealing when it comes to determining a person’s destiny. Among them are the cheekbones. The cheekbone is the area located just outside the corner of the eye socket and has a slightly protruding point.

In face reading, the placement of the cheekbone reveals your destiny. If the broadest part of the face, your cheekbone, is located beside the eyes, you are a natural born healer. If you are not in a healing occupation, life will be hard. At some point in life, you will be forced to recognize what you have come here to do. You have a special gift to encourage and uplift others. Mother Teresa is a good example of a person with “healer cheeks.”

In addition to identifying your destiny, face reading will help you perform at your best in a job interview or important sales presentation. You have heard of reading body language; now you can learn to read faces and take your understanding of human behavior to a higher level. Learning to read faces will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Highly successful people know this intuitively, and it is time for everyone to have a chance to break the code.


Julie Cox is an author and entertaining speaker who has built a solid reputation as an expert in behavior and communication through the art of face reading and body language. 602-903-3811, info@aboutfacereading.com or www.aboutfacereading.com.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 2, Apr/May 2009.

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