What is in your water?

by Janice and Sunny Wight  — 

The U.S. Environmantal Protection Agency (EPA) has studied the effects and proven the dangers of skin absorption and inhalation of chemicals when we shower or bathe. The list of possible water contaminants is nearly endless; however, the EPA has focused its studies on common substances — DBPs (disinfectant byproducts) from water treatment chemicals, such as chlorine.

The quantities of disinfectants used in municipal water systems are guided by amounts deemed safe for ingestion in research studies. Currently, these measurements do not take into consideration effects such as inhalation and dermal absorption, a fact of major concern for everybody, especially pregnant women and young children.

The Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN), a physician-run organization, issued a statement concerning the dangers of tap water to our children. Through surveys, they discovered that children who enjoy lengthy bath times overexpose their immature and developing bodies to DBPs through skin absorption. Officials from CEHN quote an EPA scientist who describes showers as an “exposure chamber” for children, where exposure to volatile contaminants via the lungs is at least double that from drinking the water.

Further EPA studies have found a multitude of pesticides in our public water supply. A Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study published in October indicated that perchlorate, a rocket fuel additive that has been detected in the water of at least 40 states, including Arizona, threatens women’s thyroid levels. The study demonstrated that very small amounts of perchlorate affect the thyroid, which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn children. The March of Dimes has warned pregnant women for years about drinking and bathing in tap water because of the chlorine and pesticides.

What steps can we here in Arizona take to protect our families? For 25 years, Energy One Water Systems of Scottsdale has been helping families to purify every drop of water before it enters their home. You won’t find their systems anywhere else; they are commissioned exclusively for Energy One and the needs of Arizonans.

Other water treatment companies provide softening systems that use salt to remove calcium, and reverse osmosis systems to purify your drinking water at one faucet only. Energy One is different, in that their sodium-free whole-house system uses six stages of filtration to remove calcium, heavy metals, arsenic, bacteria, pesticides and chemicals such as chlorine. It is the only whole-house system that not only softens, but filters, purifies and balances pH.

Using the Energy One whole-house water treatment system ensures that we are bathing in and drinking the cleanest water available. Not only will our bodies and our health benefit, but so will our plumbing and appliances because they will not suffer the effects of any buildup. Additionally, there are no filters to change, as the unit is self-cleaning.

Expert installers can adapt any home for installation of this system, which is probably the best home improvement you can provide for your home and your family. Call today for your free estimate. You will be surprised how reasonable it is, costing less than most companies charge for a simple softener. We look forward to being of service by supplying healthy water to your home.


For more information about Energy One Water Systems, see www.energy1water.com or please contact Janice or Sunny Wight at info@energy1water.com or 602-741-5830.

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Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 1, February/March 2007.


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