Your real identity

Most people who have experienced their real identity do not live in it one hundred percent of the time, however.

by John English — 

In this dualistic reality in which we live, here on beautiful planet Earth, we have two identities. One is our real identity and the other is our false identity, or ego. The spiritual path is about having this realization and then going about the work of removing the false self’s grip on our lives. We can then move into alignment with our real identity and experience its mastery of life, which is about developing a congruence between who we think we are and who we truly are.

Our real identity is the Christ, Buddha or Higher Self; Dr. David Hawkins, the author of several books, calls it the Self. The false identity is our ego and the person we believe we are most of the time; Hawkins calls this the self.

Among other things, this false identity is essentially narcissistic and addicted to drama. These are a couple of its necessary components, because for it to continue to survive at its current level of consciousness, the world — indeed, the universe — must revolve around it. It is responsible for our suffering because when we are in this identity, we are bound to its limitations and subject to all it attracts into our lives via universal law.

Our real identity is amazing. The reality is that nothing can be said about the Self. It is beyond words. We can call it the Christ, the Buddha, or Higher Self — whatever we call it  few words are adequate to describe its nature.

When we are grounded in our real identity, we have a general, overall sense of well-being and an innate knowledge that all is well and as it should be. We move away from the drama many people find so addicting, and into the power of being Source. A person who has connected with their real identity and who resides there with some frequency is a great source of joy in this world.

Most people who have experienced their real identity do not live in it one hundred percent of the time, however. If they did, each would be an enlightened master. That being said, this level of consciousness is for all of us; it is our True Self. Once we have experienced it nothing else will matter.

We then find that we cannot chase our real identity; we just have to allow it. Our journey becomes about removing the things from our selves that are about ego and suffering. As we do, we will find our lives becoming a natural expression of joy and beauty. This attracts more of these qualities into our fields and more of these manifestations into our lives, which in turn make it easier to stay centered in our real identity. This is the greatest gift we can give the world.


John English is a shamanic healer and award-winning author of The Shift: An Awakening. He conducts private sessions and workshops about destiny and the dreamtime, shamanic healing, journeying and the medicine wheel. He can be contacted through Dreamtime Publications, Inc. at or 480-473-8957.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 6, December 2007/January 2008.

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