Creating internal harmony using your senses

Creating internal harmony using your senses

Prepare for a meditative state and go deep within and silence all thoughts.

Prepare for a meditative state and go deep within and silence all thoughts.

by Jill Mattson — 

Think of your body as a spaceship equipped with many buttons that you do not know how to use. But you can do much with your spaceship — your body. The key to using all of its powers is to increase your five senses.

Prepare for a meditative state and go deep within and silence all thoughts. In your imagination, separate from your body and view yourself. Gently imagine that you leave your body and look at yourself from above. Notice what you look like.

Next, imagine that your body (spaceship) has controls. Push a button and see all of the colors around you. Observe and remember them. Do you want to modify them or add more color or brightness? Do you want to remove any negative energy or make your aura bigger?

Push another button that enables you to hear the sounds within your head. Listen to your thoughts. Make no attempt to understand them; just listen. Do you like the sound? Can you alter them — make them sweeter or brighter? Send gratitude for the work done by your head.

Travel down your body and examine the sounds in your heart. Notice if they are lower in pitch, have a thicker feeling and a rhythm to them. Do you like the pitch? Is it beautiful? If not, make it beautiful. If there are dense areas, imagine pure air cleansing and purifying them. Everything flows easily. Do you feel a steady rhythm? If not, add a steady, slow heartbeat. Love this area of your body. Send love, acceptance and gratitude for all it does.

Remain soft. Look at the core of your body. Are there any dark spots? What does it sound like? Do you like the sound? If not, alter it and make it sweeter. Do the sounds seem organized and harmonious? If not, straighten them out. Make sure everything is harmonious and works well together.

Breathe deeply and listen to your inner music one more time. It is beautiful. Now come back to reality and relish this new-found sense of harmony.


Jill Mattson has spent 20 years researching vibratory sound energy for healing and specializes in sound secrets of ancient civilizations. She composes and produces CDs, employing sound-healing techniques and energies., or 814-657-0134.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 33, Number 6, December 2014/January 2015.

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