Clear energy for a better bottom line

To be successful in business, manage energy rather than letting it manipulate you.

by Sheevaun O’Connor Moran — 

A business is a reflection of the individual who owns it or is managing it, and it is a reflection of the energy of that individual. And because the individual and their business are uniquely and energetically tied to each other, success is multi-causal. It may seem that there is no apparent reason why some businesses are successful and others are not, but there is always a reason.

In order to figure out how you can improve your business, increase sales and become more successful overall, it helps to start by answering some key questions. Ask yourself: Am I energetic or frequently tired? Do I often find myself thinking about how good or how difficult things are? How is my health? The answers to these questions alone will give you a lot of knowledge about the condition of your business.

If you are feeling tired and listless, then it is likely your business is in a similar condition. If you are in the habit of thinking how difficult everything is, then your business will show up with more difficulties. If your health is vibrant and good, then it is likely that your business is also vibrant and growing well.

Obstacles to success often correspond with a fuzzy, unclear image of the goal at hand. A fuzzy image equals fuzzy energy, meaning that the goal has not been defined well enough to make it successful, or perhaps even to bring it into fruition.

Challenged health or negative thinking also could be impeding the success and next level of your bottom line. Or, if the image of your business changes frequently — meaning it’s up and down and all over the place — then your business is probably doing the same. The most successful people hold a clear and steady image of their goals, without wavering. No matter what it takes, they hold that image and maintain steady energy.

To put it simply, a business is just an expression of the owner’s energy. If the owner has an unclear, lackluster vision in mind, then their employees and clients will also have a fuzzy image of the business. On the other hand, if the vision is clear and overt, then those involved will pick up on this and respond favorably.

When you own a business or are about to start one, you can improve your bottom line dramatically just by improving your energy and intent.  It is also important to know or learn about the energy of the business you are in. To be successful, you must make a shift or adjustment in your energy that corresponds to your particular type of business and to its success.

This shift means getting rid of any past personal obstacles that may come from parents, grandparents, bosses, etc.,  that keep you locked into limiting beliefs and prevent you from achieving what you are capable of. An example might be a simple phrase told to you when you were young, such as, “You never finish anything.” Such mental and energetic obstacles need to be resolved, so that you can establish clear goals, images and energy for yourself and your business.

While all this may seem overwhelming or even esoteric, an energy business review can help tremendously. In an energetic evaluation, you will learn how aspects of your business can flow more smoothly, resolve employee stresses, increase profits, gain more freedom to do what you like, and much more — all through the management and use of energy.

To be successful in business, manage energy rather than letting it manipulate you. When the energy flows clearly and smoothly, your business can then take that quantum leap to success.


Sheevaun O’Connor Moran is founder of Energetic Solutions and a master of esoteric energy for the use of achieving success in health, relationships, business and finances., 714-374-1988 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number  4, Aug/Sept 2009.

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