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First date — frog or prince

August 24, 2013

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by Morgan Rose —  Let us face it, first dates can be awkward. Some would say pure torture. You are trying to be perfect. He is trying to be perfect. Neither of you are perfect, whatever perfect means. And, realistically, does pretending to be perfect prove he is a man who can love you? Of […]

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Discarding illusions to find a state of balanced love

April 20, 2013

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by Dr. John Demartini —  Imagine you were dating or married to someone who only said, “I think you’re wonderful. You are always right. Can I do anything for you? You are the best there is, and anyone who cannot see that is crazy. You are perfect exactly the way you are.” You might initially […]

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Dating: The good, bad and the valued

November 16, 2012

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by Dr. John F. Demartini —  Did you know that in the center of positively and negatively charged particles is a point of light? The same is true for relationships — between positive and negative emotions you will find a similar center point of light, something also known as love. Dating singles often seek a […]

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Hypnosis and pre-wedding jitters

October 17, 2012

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by Irene Conlan —  Wedding season is here and many couples have passed the planning stage and are moving rapidly into “final detail” mode. This is where things sometimes start to get sticky. Often brides and grooms are overwhelmed before the wedding and forget that this is a celebration of love — a time they […]

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Summer love

September 25, 2012

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by John English —  Do you know the magnitude to which you are capable of loving? Have you ever stopped to consider what a difference your ability to experience love makes in this world? To experience the energy of love physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is one of the most precious aspects of human life […]

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The face of love

September 18, 2012

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by Julie Cox —  More and more people are trying to find love through matchmaking sites on the Internet, but the real attraction begins when they have their first face-to-face meeting. The magnetism between two faces cannot be duplicated through any other means. Why is that? It is because the face itself, even without expressions, […]

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Loving relationships: A key to a longer life

February 25, 2012

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by Irene Conlan —  One of the keys to longer life is a loving relationship. Data suggests, however, that Americans are becoming increasingly more socially isolated. This is not good news, given new reports linking social isolation to early death. An analysis of 148 studies examining social relationships and their effects on health revealed that […]

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