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Life lessons learned by overcoming failure

September 1, 2013

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by Joseph Sutton —  Failure can teach a person life lessons. My son and I learned two important lessons from our days as athletes. One day in high school I got hit in the head by a pitch in batting practice. That tragic incident happened before batting helmets were used. The very next day, because […]

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A rebuttle to psychologically improving your vision

March 28, 2013

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by Jeff Eger —  This is an eye doctor’s rebuttal to an article entitled, “A simple way to improve your vision,” from the Dec. 2102/Jan. 201 issue of AzNetNews, which quoted facts from Psychological Science (PubMed), Discovery News 2010:21(5)0:661-6 and It stated that Harvard University psychologist Ellen Langer and colleagues claim that it is […]

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Falling off the balance beam

January 17, 2013

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by Dr. Tom Stempel —  We often hear people say, “I feel out of balance.” Usually they are referring to spiritual or emotional feelings, but if you observe them closely, you can often see that the emotional or spiritual imbalance also causes them to be out of balance physically. Tight neck or shoulder muscles may […]

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When the game is over but pain is left

December 14, 2012

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by Dr. Paul Stallone —  For most fans, football is much more than a game. It may remind them of the quality time they spent with their own fathers and teammates, or it may have been the first time they were part of a team and felt pride in something bigger than themselves. Most men […]

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Rolfing® creates change

August 27, 2012

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by D.J. Cross —  In the 1960s, Dr. Ida P. Rolf said, “If you can imagine how it feels to live in a fluid, light, balanced body, free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress, at ease with yourself and Earth’s gravitational field, then you will understand the goals of Rolfing Structural Integration.” Contrary to popular […]

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Acupuncture and sports

March 5, 2012

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by Kim Blankenship —  It is common knowledge that in order for one to excel in athletic endeavors, it is necessary to achieve and maintain a high level of physical and mental balance, and stamina. Many professional athletes and amateur weekend warriors turn to acupuncture to increase stamina and speed up recovery time from mild […]

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Massage Cupping™: An alternative to deep tissue work

February 28, 2012

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by Christina M. Bunning —  In 2004, Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed at a movie premiere with cupping marks on her back. Intrigued, the public became curious, while the reaction of allopathic practitioners was mixed. Massage Cupping™ bodywork therapy is not a New Age practice. It is a modified adaptation of cupping therapy, used in ancient […]

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Golfer’s edge: A new path to peak performance

February 26, 2012

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by Stephanie Reese, Ph.D. —  Put a golfer out on the links and it is almost guaranteed that they are looking for a way to overcome the challenges of the incredible and often difficult game of golf. So what is the secret to overcoming these challenges to make that coveted, perfect shot? You can live […]

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