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Gifts from Mother Nature

February 27, 2014

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  by Joanne Henning Tedesco —  Whole fruits and vegetables, especially those with anti-aging vitamin C, can fight free radicals, prevent wrinkles and give you firmer, younger-looking skin. Yogurt contains lactic acid, a compound found in some chemical peels that may reduce fine wrinkles and help clear blemishes and discoloration. Brown sugar grains help exfoliate […]

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Discover anti-aging secrets

October 20, 2013

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by Linda Leibl —  Did you know that you actually have an entirely new body every seven years? That is right. Every seven years, your body recycles, renews and rejuvenates itself, as your cells, bones and blood remanufacture themselves. You can help your body slow its aging process by controlling what you consume and expose […]

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Facials or micro-dermabrasion?

September 14, 2013

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by Linda L. Leibl —  Today’s technology in skincare treatments is very exciting because there are so many anti-aging treatments from which to choose. The aesthetics industry, which began in this country in 1985, has grown so rapidly that the average person is generally aware of facial treatments, even if they haven’t personally had one. […]

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Fix your face with hypnosis

August 7, 2013

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by Irene Conlan —  Before you read the article below, please do the following short exercise. Take a long, slow, deep breath in through your nose, and slowly exhale through your mouth. As you exhale, relax all the muscles in your face — relax your forehead and the tiny muscles around your eyes. Relax your […]

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Managing Minerals

July 10, 2013

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by Dr. Larry Wilson — Minerals, from calcium and magnesium, to the trace elements such as zinc, are perhaps the single most important group of nutrients. They are required for every bodily function, from activating muscles and nerves, to digestion, energy production, and all healing and regeneration of the body. This article focuses on important […]

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Menopause making you miserable?

June 2, 2013

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by Dr. Tracy Mageruss —  Menopause is a normal part of healthy aging, but some of the associated symptoms can be very troubling. For example, are hot flashes and night sweats interfering with your ability to get a good night’s sleep? Is the sleep deprivation causing anxiety or irritability or making you lose focus? Are […]

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Trimethylglycine (TMG) to the Rescue

June 1, 2013

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by Dr. Larry Wilson —  Many people believe or were taught that diet alone provides adequate nutrition and that we do not need to take nutritional supplements. I, too, believed this at one time. However, years of experience as a physician proved me wrong. Our food supply today is low in nutrients — even the […]

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How to stop oily skin forever

April 14, 2013

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by Linda Leibl —  Are you older than 30 and still frustrated with oily skin? You probably thought you would have outgrown it by now. More than half of my new clients have oily skin and are quite unhappy about it. They have an oily complexion by noon, their makeup needs to be reapplied by […]

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Detoxification for health

April 2, 2013

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by Dr. Larry Wilson —  Detoxification is the removal of waste matter from the body. Most of the waste matter is comprised of toxic chemicals and toxic metals, although other kinds of toxins are also eliminated. Detoxification is a critical bodily function that occurs 24 hours a day. You would soon die if anything went […]

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Tips for biological youthing

March 10, 2013

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by Carol Keppler  —  Many people today are desperately trying to regain their youth through extreme means — liposuction, Botox treatments, cosmetic surgery and stomach stapling, to name a few. Unfortunately, surgeries and procedures that damage the “repair loop” traumatize the body, instantly putting a ceiling on the healing process. Hollywood stars who maintain a […]

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Stroke, press and rub away wrinkles

March 2, 2013

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by Julia Busch —  An educated touch can reverse facial aging. Simple feather-light stroking, especially on forehead stress furrows, is enormously effective. Here is how to perform it: With pinkies, ring and middle fingers of both hands touching between your eyebrows at the bridge of your nose, stroke the letter “V” upward and outward, 10 […]

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New technology + old science = amazing results

January 12, 2013

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by Linda Leibl —  I love America; I could not imagine living anywhere else. But in many areas, our culture has perfected the art of what “does not work.” Look at our diets, eating habits and lifestyles, compared to those of Europeans. If you have ever traveled to Europe, you likely observed the difference between […]

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Chronic pain and hormones

December 15, 2012

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by Dr. Fred G. Arnold —  The American Academy of Pain Management reports that an estimated 50 million Americans live with chronic pain caused by disease, disorder or accident. Did you know that many chronic pain conditions and stress-related symptoms could be related to hormonal imbalance? Some common symptoms of chronic pain include stress, frustration, […]

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