Give the gift of self-love

We all need to give ourselves a break and a lot more compassion.

by Wendy Schulstad — 

As we pass through the season of giving, many of us are left exhausted because we are not giving to ourselves. In the midst of trying to do for others, we end up feeling resentful because we seem to be the one getting the short end of the stick.

I am a big advocate of giving only when you truly have to give. I am not necessarily talking about actual gifts that you wrap up and hand to someone. I am speaking of the many ways in which we give to others throughout our days, whether it be our time, our love, our patience or our interest.

Sometimes we give out of a sense of obligation. Other times we give to keep the peace or to please another. When we give in a way that takes away from ourselves, we are not doing anyone a favor. If we do not give freely from a loving place, then it is not truly a gift. We all know what it feels like to receive a gift with an unspoken expectation or string attached. A real gift has no attachment and no expectation.

So this year, only give others what you can truly give from your heart. It is OK if it doesn’t feel like you have much left to give. In that case, give yourself the gift of understanding and self-love. We all need to give ourselves a break and a lot more compassion. We are doing our best, and as we take care of ourselves, we will have more to give others — from a truly loving place that has no limits.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of self-love this year. I promise you that making the commitment to love yourself more than you have ever loved anyone else will absolutely change your life. Make this the year to give to you.


Wendy Schulstad is the founder of Rustic Sage Healing Haven in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 1, Feb/Mar 2009.

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