How to align with your higher Self and purpose

Alignment with the higher Self is different for each individual, but the result is the same: you feel great.

by Leslee J. Klinsky — 

Many people today are running blindly, haphazardly seeking their elusive higher Self and purpose with frustration levels that border on insanity. They are disconnected from life, people or their callings, but do not know what to do about the disconnection. Feeling lost and under the gun, they change directions repeatedly, often without thought or pondering the possible repercussions.

However, another method exists to help you align with your higher Self and to recognize this connection, when you achieve it. Once aligned, your purpose becomes clear and life becomes easier.

Alignment with the higher Self is different for each individual, but the result is the same: you feel great. You know you are fully aligned when your heart feels open and your body feels as wonderful as it can. You may not feel your body at all, or it may feel like a gently floating balloon. You may experience a sense of well-being and connectedness in your body, plus a spark of creation. Or you may feel sudden passion or happiness, with a gentle tingle up your spine. No feeling is wrong.

To align with your higher Self, first identify the comfort or discomfort level in the most sensitive part(s) of your body. Bodily discomfort means that your higher Self is trying to tell you something, and you are out of alignment with your purpose. Many people feel discomfort in the stomach or other parts of the digestive tract. Others feel a heaviness, constriction or pain at their heart when out of alignment. Some experience tenseness in their shoulders or back, and still others get headaches. Your greatest bodily challenges are actually your greatest spiritual teachers and keys to alignment.

Once you sense the discomfort in your body, you align through some form of relaxed meditation. During times of discomfort, lay back, relax and surrender to knowing your truth. Then, bravely ask your higher Self what it is trying to tell you through your body, and give yourself a chance to learn the answer. You may see, feel, hear, taste or even smell the answer, depending on your sensorial tendencies.

Your intuition may come forth boldly and you will suddenly just know. The answer may come right away, it may come when you least expect it or it may come in a dream. Know that all questions are answered when you are ready, and no question asked with honesty and integrity is ignored. When you learn and act upon the answer, the discomfort diminishes and you are aligned.

Another exercise for aligning with your higher Self through your body is to practice asking “yes” and “no” questions while doing the above meditation. Each time you ask yourself a question, your body will react in one of two ways: it will react kindly (feel good) in accordance with alignment (yes), or it will warn you that something is not right by feeling worse (no, or more questioning is needed).

Begin by asking questions to which you know the answers, like “Is my name Leslee?” “Is my name Joe Smith?” or “Do I love my partner?” and the like. Get to know your bodily yes and no feelings before moving on. When you are comfortable, ask more challenging questions, like: “Is it in my best interest to work for this company?” “Is my heart feeling closed because I am afraid of intimacy with my husband/work associates/other?” “Is it in my best interest to pursue this relationship or course of action?” “Should I be doing something other than what I am doing with my life?”

Your higher Self will appreciate that you are seeking to align with it, and you will notice an improvement in the way your body feels. Many who are persistent and patient enough can do question-and-answer sessions like this until they facilitate an explosive emotional and energetic release.

Some who wonder whether there is danger in trusting the higher Self in all things do not recognize their guides and do not trust themselves. Most have been taught that they are not trustworthy. Regardless of your prior conditioning, however, your higher Self knows what needs accomplishing in your earthly realm, and it will not guide you toward that which is not possible within the confines of your current existence.

If it feels right in your body, it is right for you, period, regardless of what anybody else thinks. Get to know your higher Self and purpose through your body. It will be the best investment you ever make.


Leslee J. Klinsky is an Akashic Records consultant and energy, crystal and Light healer who specializes in sessions that combine the wisdom of the Akashic Records with potent energy-block releases.,, or 480-437-4415.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 6, December 2006/January 2007.

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