Understanding the zodiac can improve your business

The use of astrology in business has been statistically proven to be advantageous in starting dates and important decisions.

by Judy Smith — 

Astrology is invaluable in all aspects of life — from predicting personalities to business management. A calendar was designed to identify the basic cycles of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars. It was divided into 12 months, based on the moon’s 12 cycles during a year.

While most often used as a daily forecast of our lives, in business, astrology can help a manager gain insight into individual motives and character. It is also prudent to consider astrology when launching or making important changes to your business. Choosing the right astrological times to make these decisions will generate sufficient positive energy to neutralize negative factors, thus helping to ensure the success of the enterprise.

As a business person, you can use astrology to help ascertain the best time to make decisions based on the positioning of the Moon and the stars, or you may choose to use astrology to help understand the inherent traits of your coworkers and business associates. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of those around you, your decisions and actions can be more effective and logical.

For example, Walt Disney based his introduction and opening times for movies on astrological cycles. By understanding these cycles, we can also minimize our losses while taking advantage of opportunities when they arrive. It is more than just a matter of luck and coincidence when making a decision at the right time. Wealth through astrological timing is the key to a secure income.

The use of astrology in business has been statistically proven to be advantageous in starting dates and important decisions. Consider the use of a corporate “birth chart,” the astrological phase during which a business is founded. The birth of a company can yield very accurate portraits of the potential success of the endeavor, as well as the type of business for which it is suited. For already established businesses, understanding the astrological influences in effect at the time the company was formed can help you understand ongoing challenges and special opportunities.

The date, time and location where a company is legally established sets up a point in time that describes all aspects of it, including its strengths, challenges and finances. Some dates have high-growth potential, and a company formally established on those dates has a faster than average growth rate. A good date and time should match the company’s goals, products or services to a date and time when those energies are strong and supported by astrological influences.

By being aware of the strengths and challenges in a company’s birth chart, a business can make better strategic decisions by knowing when major changes and events will occur. For example, to ensure a better chance of success, a business should ideally be created during the Moon’s “waxing period,” when its light increases from the New to the Full Moon.

Of course, this does not mean a company started when the Moon was waning is destined for failure. The inception of a business should not be too close to the New Moon, nor should it be too close to the first quarter or Full Moons. Ideally, it should occur about five days after the New Moon.

Not knowing about planetary movements can hurt your bottom line

Astrological events and phases are also important in relation to conducting business and in understanding or selecting employees, partners and other business associations.

For example, a planetary retrograde occurs when a planet appears to move backwards. The Mars Retrograde coincides with disputes in business and major corporate mistakes (e.g., launching a new product or service at an inopportune time). Mars is the God of War, so when this planet retrogrades, arguments can occur and we may release latent anger.

Of all retrogrades, Mercury is perhaps the best known. It requires 88 days for Mercury to make a complete pass around the Sun, and it remains stationary for anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending upon the time of year.  Mercury goes into retrograde three times a year for approximately three weeks each time. Communication is Mercury’s primary domain, so communication is greatly affected by this planet’s pull. We may find mail or e-mail misdirected, or experience a variety of technological problems. This is a good time to explore new outlets of communication — also a time to choose your words more carefully than usual.

The Venus Retrograde represents assets and credits, and how well products or services are approved or accepted. When Venus retrogrades, all these areas should be considered. Products introduced during this time period are much less likely to be accepted. It is also an unfavorable time to start a new business or incur a new debt.

The selection of business partners is another great way to use astrology in business. How you will work together and whether you can be financially profitable are revealed in relationship charts. Having the right partner is crucial to success, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses within your relationship is key.

Understanding the traits of the astrological signs of employees and others can help you to better match personality types for teams and potentially avoid personality clashes and office drama.

The Moon and your business

Every time the Moon enters a new phase that lasts for about 3-1/2 days each, there is a shift in the electromagnetic field of the Earth. By learning the characteristics of each phase, you will be guided into taking appropriate action in your business and personal relationships. The power behind each lunar phase is incredible. Allow the energy of the Moon to support your activities by being in rhythm with the flow, which will help you stay emotionally and physically balanced and increase your financial status. The Moon governs the general population, as well as sales and business.

The overall cycle of the phases governs the acceleration or deceleration of growth and momentum. Ideally, start projects and build them when the Moon’s light is increasing (waxing) from the New to the Full Moon. The Moon’s waxing phase is a good time for growing, expanding and making yourself visible to the public. Plan a trip or make a presentation during this phase — it is the best time for success. On the other hand, from the Full to the oncoming New, the Moon is decreasing (waning) in light and that is when you want to complete whatever activities you can. Keep this ebb and flow of energy in mind, and you will have an invaluable tool to help you flow with the tides of events, rather than go against them. The waning Moon is a good time to finish up old projects and return from a trip.

Each phase represents a segment of time within the monthly lunar cycle as a whole. With practice, you will begin to see how each phase is not an isolated period within itself, but rather a consequence of the previous phase and a preparation for the one that follows. Understanding these rhythms will also save you unnecessary worry as you realize that everything in life unfolds at exactly the right moment.

Astrological resources and charts are easy to find. Whether you are a skeptic or already a believer, take some time to look at astrology in a new way, connecting it to how you conduct business. You may be very surprised by what you find, and you can use this information in your business to give you an astrological edge that your competition does not have.


Judy Smith has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and created one of the largest direct mail businesses in Pennsylvania. She is the author, with her brother Dan Smith, of Business Mojo: Achieving Success Through Mystical Exploration. www.businesssuccessbook.com.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 2, April/May 2011.


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