Realizing your life purpose

You do not have to be an important person in the history of humanity to affect humanity in a big way.

by Linda Drake — 

Although finding your life purpose can be quite an adventure, it is seldom as difficult as you may expect, because many of the lessons you already have learned and taught others have been an important part of your life purpose.

You do not have to be an important person in the history of humanity to affect humanity in a big way. A woman once spoke about being distraught because she had not found her life purpose and she was afraid she was running out of time to accomplish this great purpose. She explained that she had gone to college to get her master’s degree in political science. She had always felt her destiny was to change the state of the world, but after college her life took a sharp turn when she fell in love and put her goals on hold to have a family.

She was anxious to get back to her destiny of saving the world, but her three small children were her priority at this time. She wanted to know why she had always had a knowing about the importance of her destiny, but could not figure out how to make it happen. Her spirit guides began to explain that she was already taking some huge steps toward changing the world by teaching her children a new philosophy. She would shape the lives of these children so that they would have the confidence and power to help her in her future efforts to change the world.

These children would help create a world of peace, with the ripple effect of her love, support and teaching extending to everyone they would touch in a positive way. The job of parenthood is enormously powerful, far beyond what we might initially see.

Some of you are currently out in the world standing in your power, working to fulfill your purpose to release the fear of change that grips humanity. Your efforts are working to change the world at this time. Others of you are working behind the scenes as parents, preparing the youth of humanity to meet the challenges of the future. And bless your hearts, as some of you are juggling life while trying to accomplish both.

Know the power within you, and be all that you desire.


Linda Drake has appeared on national TV, mainstream radio and in various publications. She teaches nationwide through The Learning Annex, centers and conferences. 818-848-3213, or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 1, February/March 2007.

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