Sound therapy healing — New technology for an ancient art

The drumbeat is symbolic of life itself, and the drum is honored as symbolic of the heartbeat of nature.

by Harold Gill — 

From ancient time to present day, sound and music have been used to influence humans physically, emotionally and spiritually. Native peoples used drums during ceremonies both to relax and to stimulate. In early North American cultures, a baby attending its first ceremony was comforted when it heard the drum, as the drum replicated the beat of the mother’s heart.

The drumbeat is symbolic of life itself, and the drum is honored as symbolic of the heartbeat of nature. In the music of India, the drone is all-important. Before the music begins, the drone is sounded, usually with the tambour (a drum). When the drone and the audience are in sync, the melody begins.

Through the studies of Don Campbell, Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., Kay Gardner and Hal Lingerman, the benefits of sound and music therapy in health and healing have been introduced to our generation. It is now known that the drone has sustained low-frequency tones rich with harmonics that have a deeply relaxing effect on the muscles of the body due to entrainment, or becoming in sync with its frequency.

In a modern-day therapeutic application, called Vibroacoustic Therapy, transducers or “base shakers” are attached to the under side of the massage table so that the low frequency vibration of the music or tone is felt by the person lying on the table. The full frequency of the music also is heard from speakers in the room.

Music should be chosen for its healing properties. Healing music that is pleasing to the mind includes frequencies that assist the immune system and/or balance the chakras, and has a slow rhythm that encourages relaxation. Music containing a drone component or using a didgeridoo is excellent for this purpose.


Harold Gill is an Arizona licensed massage therapist with 18 years of professional experience. His chosen service is to bring the gift of healing to body, mind and spirit through touch and sound. 480-610-9792 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 6, December 2006/January 2007.


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