Stop seeking life — start finding it

Achieving desired results comes from our ability to be aware of what makes us happy.

by Steven Bond — 

Contrary to what you might think, you are actually better off eradicating the notion that you can control your future by manipulating events or circumstances. Control of one’s future by manipulating outcomes simply does not work. The truth is that it is not your place to be a master manipulator.

In fact, it is not that our lives are pure happenstance — quite the opposite actually. Most of us make life decisions based on the wrong reasons. We often attempt to control our lives based on the fear of undesirable outcomes. The problem is that making choices from a position of fear is not what you want.

Achieving desired results comes from our ability to be aware of what makes us happy. It is this state of being that people desire — not the bank account, relationship or physique in and of itself, but rather the idea that we will be happy (or at least happier) if we could just be in that place. It is the feeling of happiness and accomplishment that we are after.

The way to go about achieving this is to be clear about what you want. Again, the reason most people fail time and time again is because they are fixated on the achievement of a physical thing, rather than the state of presence they wish to attain.

Once you release the illusion of control and focus instead on the feeling, the vast majority of your obstacles simply vanish. After all, your life’s purpose is not about the means, it is all about the ends. Accomplish this shift and you will quickly find yourself transcending from a mere seeker of life to a person who truly lives it.


Steven Bond is a psychic intuitive who uses his educational background in psychology and years of dedicated study of meditation and energy healing to offer practical approaches to self-improvement and awareness. 480-307-0030 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 5, Oct/Nov 2010.


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