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October 23, 2012

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Classical feng shui, developed over thousands of years, identified sites that would cause people to lose their wealth.

by Denise A. Liotta-Dennis —

Classical feng shui, developed over thousands of years, identified sites that would cause people to lose their wealth. While these sites/structures may not cause money loss immediately, they can cause great loss in a very short time — sometimes in as little as a few weeks or a few months.

Land forms with extreme slopes — One of the worst sites for protection of wealth is when the land has an extreme slope at the back of the property. If it is unprotected by a retaining wall, it will seriously affect your money.

Driveways that “drive” to the main door — This direct, concentrated form of energy leading straight to the door is so overwhelming to the occupants that it causes serious problems. It can cause marital discord, but it will mainly deplete the wealth and can eventually lead to bankruptcy. The shorter the distance to the door, the more potentially serious the problem.

Basement level homes/businesses — In general, closed-in, traditional style basements do not bring money luck. They are considered extremely yin (dead) energy, whereas yang (alive) is needed to grow wealth. If you have a home-based business, do not put your office in a basement. A walk-out basement can be really good — this is not a traditional basement.

Main/front doors that do not face the road — The main or front door to a home or building is the structure’s ability to “breathe” in the life-force energy or, as the Chinese call it, qi (chi). Building and retaining wealth is almost impossible when the door is placed on the side. It is virtually a sure thing that money will not be gained in such a structure. This is like trying to breathe from your ear, rather than through your mouth.

Homes that back to a canal, lake or river — These homes often bring bankruptcy, depending on how close they are to the water and the direction the main door faces. Illness, drug addiction, sexual misconduct/scandal and other very serious situations can occur in these homes. It is best not to buy a home that backs up to a water canal, lake or river without first consulting a feng shui master. A wash, used to carry away water in monsoon seasons, will also cause money loss, depending on the size and proximity to the house.

Extremely narrow-shaped homes — This shape for a building is known as “squeezed chi,” and will not allow you to accumulate wealth — you can earn money, but cannot hold onto it. The ratio of these types of buildings is approximately such that the length of the building is three to four times that of the width of the building. Such structures can cause bankruptcy, debt and very bad health, especially in the bones and joints. These structures cut off one’s life blood to amass wealth — do not be tempted to take them no matter how much beauty and charm they may offer.

Storm drains in front of your home or business — Storm drains take water away in times of flash floods, monsoons, heavy rains, etc. We know they serve a practical purpose; however, if you are unlucky enough to have one of these huge drains near or directly in front of your home or business, you will lose money. If the direction of this “water exit” also is bad in relation to the facing direction, it can happen very quickly.

Homes too close to a highway — Highways are very fast moving “rivers” of energy/chi. Any average- to large-size home cannot handle this powerful, intense energy. Only a tall high-rise will be able to take in and use this strong energy. It becomes more serious if your home backs to a highway.

Homes surrounded by too many roads — This will most definately cause money loss, bankruptcy and illness. From a practical standpoint, it is generally unsafe as well. Home sites that are not protected will also cause very bad luck for the occupants.

Homes next to a water tower, graveyard or electrical tower — Homes right next to a graveyard are located among dead energy, and wealth cannot be built in this situation. You need vibrant, life-giving energy to build wealth. The only exception is if the graveyard is on a very busy, vibrant road. Living too close to a water tower or electrical towers also can bring very bad money luck.

Improperly placed water — Because water is one of the most powerful elements on the planet and really the “secret” to feng shui, its placement is paramount. Not only does the location/placement of water affect wealth, but the direction of the water flow and the exit of the water, if applicable, also matter. The larger the body of water — pond, pool, lake, stream, river, ocean — the more it will either increase wealth or diminish it.

Houseboats — Homes where the “ground” beneath you is water, are highly unstable. If a houseboat is your main residence, it will not assist you in building wealth, but quite the opposite. If you wish to build wealth, do not have a houseboat, or even a yacht, as your main residence.


Denise A. Liotta-Dennis is a feng shui master specializing in authentic feng shui site selection, planning, design, audits and assessments for commercial/residential real estate and construction projects. 480-241-5211, 480-661-3983 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 6, December 2006/January 2007.

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