Uncovering our spiritual purpose

By connecting with our soul essence — our authentic self — we will uncover our purpose.

by Tina Sacchi

Spiritual purpose is not something that we need to create or develop. Our purpose resides within us, and we must strive to remember it. By connecting with our soul essence — our authentic self — we will uncover our purpose. So the question becomes, “How do we remember?”

We can remember by applying two techniques — connection and heart-centered living. The first is connecting with our bodies — our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Using the automobile as an analogy, each body represents one of its four tires. If there is a problem with one of the tires, the car will have a problem running smoothly and become unbalanced, resulting in a weak connection that causes problems, overall.

We must keep all of our four tires (bodies) balanced, aligned and healthy in order to obtain a great connection so that our vehicle performs well. If we neglect the physical body by feeding it low vibrational foods, or not moving it physically, then the remaining bodies are affected. Thus, we find it difficult to connect.

If our spiritual body does not have the time and space for reflection, then clarity and purpose are affected. We become disconnected from purpose, suffer from a lack of clarity and become unable to recall our mission. So, connection means to consciously maintain each body in a healthy state so that we are operating with our hearts and spirits, and are in touch with our purpose.

The other technique to try is heart-centered living. We often find enlightenment and inspiration by participating in activities, such as connecting with nature (trees, plants, mountains, oceans, etc.), meditating, creating healthy intentions, reciting positive affirmations, chanting spiritual mantras, or practicing yoga or automatic writing — to name a few.

If we do not participate in heart-centered activities, we create a “yucky feeling,” much like walking out of the house in the morning without brushing our teeth. This same yucky feeling appears if we have not practiced a heart-centered activity for the day. We cannot expect to go from sleep mode to alarm mode, jumping out of bed at 50 mph. That would be an abrupt start to our day. How can we feel balanced in that scenario? Can we actually be in a position to remember who we are if we are unconsciously racing out the door?

The experiences that we remember are those that are connected to feelings, whether or not they were happy or sad. We associate memories with emotions. Go ahead and retrieve a memory, and notice the emotions that are instantly revealed.

As we recall the places, people and details, we certainly remember how we felt at that time. The process of recalling our spiritual purpose is very similar. Sometimes we need to dig deeper by creating a quiet space to breathe, meditate or apply any combination of the aforementioned, heart-centered activities.

Our hearts lead us to our spirit, which will help us remember. Our hearts carve out the path to our purpose. Our hearts light up our purpose and identity. When that happens, we remember who we truly are and who we can become.


Tina G. Sacchi is a holistic and spiritual practitioner, speaker and teacher. Her techniques include hypnotherapy, shamanic practices, dowsing, Reiki, chakra balancing, soul path guidance, past lives resolve, and rites of passage and life event ceremonies. www.TinaSacchi.com or 623-261-6167.

 AzNetNews, February 2012.

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