A discussion of kundalini basics

by Master Chrism — 

To know and utilize this energy, one must expand what they have come to know as real within themselves.by Master Chrism

Kundalini is energy. Not bio-electric nerve-generated energy, but a divine energy that is not well-known or understood by science. It is a conscious energy; therefore, scientific explanations are not helpful — yet — but I have hope for science. Kundalini energy will forcibly stretch your willingness and openness to consider other vectors and expressions of the manifestation of energetic force.

Combining thought and movement will awaken this force, whether you are able to believe it or not. Movement is very much related to activation, which leads to an awakening of the kundalini.

If everyone has this energy, then why are we all not activated and awakened from birth or childhood if it is so abundant? People need to reach a certain place of soul expression that is not chronological, but karmic instead. When this occurs, the options will then manifest for the person.

A willingness to be open to these energies is essential — a willingness to be still, to be persistent, consistent and patient, to stretch your belief systems far beyond your comfort zones, and embrace the visions and truths that come to you outside of your expectations.

The kundalini is not for everyone to express. It is not the new diet soda for the soul. Creation is all connected, but not in the same way or for a similar purpose at this level of physical expression. Energy is energy, but one amplitude of energy is different from another. What runs an industrial band saw is not the same as what you would use to till your garden. This is not to say it will never be similar, but at this time, a wide gulf exists between these amplitudes.

To know and utilize this energy, one must expand what they have come to know as real within themselves. Kundalini can usher in a reality change of the greatest magnitude. It can be good or bad, depending upon your level of surrender to its presence. The awakening will provide its gifts to you based on your level of surrender, maturity, ego, fear, love, forgiveness, gratitude, meditation and prayer, to name a few.

These are the new intentional conscious senses for experiential processing that a person needs to use daily in order for this energy to mature from an activation into an awakening in a safe and sane way.


Master Chrism comes from a place of disciplined love and intention within the parameters of forgiveness, spiritual balance, service to others and spiritual evolution. www.KundaliniAwakeningSeminars.com.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 31, Number 1, Feb/Mar 2012.

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