A healer’s journey

A healer’s journey

People must be willing to let go of the aspects of their lives that negatively affect their bodies and minds.

People must be willing to let go of the aspects of their lives that negatively affect their bodies and minds.

by Brian Kurtz —

For 30 years, I have worked with clients whose maladies have been as varied as our shared humanity. All of them possess wonderful human souls, and I thoroughly enjoy working with those who find me, however mysteriously. Most of my business comes from referrals, and for this I am grateful. People have contacted me unable to recall how they found me. One woman literally saw the letters of my name appear to her in a vision, which inspired her to search the Internet for my name and find my website, with the knowledge that her back would soon be better.

I have worked with clients in person and remotely, as far away as Nicaragua. Spirit knows no boundaries in the sacred space in which my work takes place, so time and distance are not a hindrance. It is a beautiful experience to enter another person’s soul, clean out decades and lifetimes of darkness, bringing light, clarity and peace to others. I know of no greater gift to bring to the world than the one I have been given to share and teach.

That said, there is always a down side, right? People from all walks of life are in touch with me, some with conditions so hideous and saddening that their very existence is in peril. Desperate family members call me to work with their parents and children who are lingering at the veil between this world and the next. Many are so deeply affected — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually — that I wonder if I can possibly affect positive change. Then I remember that miracles do occur and that ultimately I am not the one doing the work.

Many clients have come back from death’s door, but there are also those who were not meant to be saved … and the result is the answer, whether that result is as we prefer or not. The saying, “win some, lose some,” does not refer to a game when life and death are concerned, but it is still very much the case.

When the miracles occur, I take no credit for winning, but I do struggle with the results that were not the ones hoped for, especially for the sons and daughters of parents who passed after my sessions. Still, I realize that the results are not up to me. I share the joy of the successes, which are many, and share the disappointments when the results are as they sometimes inevitably are.

I often work with clients who are not in their best state of mind, body or spirit. Cases of severe depression and chronic fatigue, years of unrelenting physical and/or emotional torment are brought to my attention every month, and many of these folks are perhaps not even ready to realize that they already possess within them what makes it possible for their lives to change.

The Holy Spirit lives in each of us and quite literally gives us our being. This is where changed lives and miraculous healing occur. But alas, some people are seemingly unwilling to release that which could make them whole again.

I can successfully clear the body and soul, but there are times when symptoms return. People must be willing to let go of the aspects of their lives that negatively affect their bodies and minds.

I face an ongoing battle every morning when I arise — my own fears, imperfections, doubts and concerns that God may not grant a miracle to someone I may work with that day. This rarely happens, but when it does, I feel at least partly responsible for the result.

Is there something I could have done to yield a more positive result? Why do some clients experience miracle healings from cancer or herniated disc pain after a single session, while others take two or three sessions, and still others require several or even regular sessions every couple of weeks to enjoy sustained relief? I am always looking for ways to clear my soul, drop my fears and love myself more truly, and incorporate them into my daily practice so that I may pass them along to my clients.

Bottom line — this is not easy work. We all share the challenges of daily life here in our imperfect world, but I am grateful to remember that we are all tied to Spirit, which is beyond this plane of existence and which, in fact, sources this place we call home.

We all need connection and healing, which is why I have created a series of workshops for friends, partners, work colleagues, parents and their children, and teachers and their students. All of these workshops are grounded in the concept of “drop your stuff, and what is left is who you are.” The workshops have enabled every single participant the opportunity to connect at a soul-deep level, which is then available to them — anywhere, at any time.

In the long run, nothing is more valuable in life than good health and meaningful connections with others with whom we share our neighborhoods, cities, nations and planet.


Brian Kurtz has been a vehicle through which Spirit works to heal people with a wide variety of conditions — physical, emotional and spiritual. He also works on pets and regularly clears living and work spaces of undesired energies. For those interested in becoming a healer, he offers weekend intensive courses. healedbyspirit.com, healer@healedbyspirit.com or 512-922-6043.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 33, Number 5, October/November 2014.


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