Abundance and the number eight

Abundance and the number eight

Most of us want to attract more abundance, wealth and money into our lives, but wonder how to go about it.

Most of us want to attract more abundance, wealth and money into our lives, but wonder how to go about it.

by Elyse Ann — 

It seems that everywhere we turn now, there is talk about the financial health of our country and the many financial hurdles that we are facing. Yet some people believe that the financial crisis is an illusion, and I concur. In fact, I would go so far to say that it is definitelyan illusion. This may be difficult to fathom since we, as human beings, require money to live. However, when it comes down to it, money is just a form of energy exchange — albeit a necessary one.

Most of us want to attract more abundance, wealth and money into our lives, but wonder how to go about it. Usually it is by working more hours, taking a second job or by changing jobs or careers. While these are worthy ways to create more abundance, I am going to suggest some very simple steps you can take to create more abundance in your life.

Many of us see abundance as only that which comes from a paycheck. However, abundance comes in many forms — that coupon for a free box of cereal, a customer service rep who doesn’t charge you to replace your cell phone battery (just because it’s three weeks out of warranty) or a friend who surprises you by paying for your lunch. Just the simple step of paying attention to these gifts will help create more.

If we change the way we view our abundance, we may see the many little ways that the universe delivers abundance. Every time you encounter such a gift, take a moment to say thank you to the universe. The more we stay in gratitude, even for the small gifts, the more the universe can and will deliver.

Yes, I understand that many of us dream of winning the lottery to secure a financial future. However, this is a fate for only a limited few. For those of us who likely won’t win the lottery, I suggest that you stay focused in the present and start recognizing the abundance of little miracles that are sent your way.

Another simple step to attract the vibration of abundance is through the number eight, which vibrates at the frequency of wealth and abundance. Write the number eight on a piece of paper and carry it in your wallet, as well as keep it with your bills or near where you pay your bills. In fact, you can do this for any situation that concerns abundance. You will be amazed at what is created by allowing the number’s vibration to surround you.

I have been carrying around the number eight in my wallet for five years now, and I am surprised, on a regular basis, by the gifts of abundance that come along. Each time this happens, I make it a point to look to the universe with gratitude in my heart and say, “thank you.” Through the years, as I have opened up to abundance and stayed in gratitude, I have received bigger and bigger gifts of abundance. Maybe, just maybe, I’m working my way toward winning the lottery. I’ll keep you informed.


Elyse Ann is a psychic, healer and teacher with over 30 years of experience. She is on the faculty of Paradise Valley Community College and offers private sessions and instruction on a variety of topics. www.elyseann.com or 602-992-0878.

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