Access your unconscious mind through hypnosis

Hypnosis is actually a very relaxing, soothing experience which effectively reduces stress and anxiety.

by Lori Keeley — 

Did you know that every event from your birth to the present is stored in your mind, like on a DVD or cassette recording, and that those events make up who you are today? Ten percent of our mind is conscious (the events we remember), and 90 percent is unconscious (the events we do not remember).

All stored events create thought patterns, which repeat themselves over and over again. This repetitive process causes us to think and react the way we do in our world, and it is often how addictions are created.

Here is the good news: those unconscious negative events from the past which have created negative behavior patterns are accessible and can be released and healed through the powerful technique of hypnosis.

How hypnosis works is really no great mystery. It simply enables an individual to create a certain level of relaxation which quiets the conscious mind, allowing access to our unconscious memories. Hypnosis is actually a very relaxing, soothing experience which effectively reduces stress and anxiety.

Through this practice, we can address any issue we desire to change. We hold the power within ourselves to heal our lives. We first must begin to take personal responsibility for our own thoughts, words, actions and feelings — which ultimately create our lives.

Stop and listen to the thoughts you are playing on the CD player of your mind. Are you thinking, “I need a cigarette” or “I need to lose weight,” or are you thinking how grateful you are for your healthy, strong, vibrant and radiantly beautiful body, mind and spirit? Our thoughts really do affect our reality. Our bodies and emotions respond to our thoughts.

The key here is in paying attention and changing the negative thoughts rolling through our minds into positive, uplifting thoughts of what we want to create for ourselves. Through hypnosis, we can release the old and affirm the new to create permanent positive change in our lives.


Lori Keeley is a hypnotherapist, Reiki master teacher and administrator of the holistic healing department at Carmel Community Center., or 480-332-9190.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 1, February/March 2007.

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