Angelic numerology: Angels talk using numbers

Numbers are one of the most common and fun ways to receive messages from our angels.

by Kandi and Faith — 

Ever catch yourself seeing the same number over and over? For instance, waking up in the middle of the night, and the clock reads 4:44. Then on your way to work, you notice the car in front of you has a license plate that ends with 444. Later during the day you get a note asking you to return a call, and the phone number contains 444.

Angels send us messages through music, on billboards and license plates, in movies and through people around us in repetitive number sequences and various other ways. Numbers are one of the most common and fun ways to receive messages from our angels.

This is called angelic numerology and is one way angels send their messages: through simple numeric codes. Every time we see these numeric codes, we are receiving messages through our subconscious. The goal, then, is to begin picking up these messages on a conscious level.

Let’s elaborate on each number and its meaning when you notice it.

Brief interpretations for angelic numerology

The number 1: Pay attention to your desires — When you notice the number 1, there is a clear connection with heaven, indicating that this is the best time to focus on your desires. With this connection, you can manifest at a quicker pace.

The number 2: Have faith — The angels are telling you to have faith, keep going, not to give up; you are doing well and on the brink of manifesting your desires. Be patient and keep your thoughts positive.

The number 3: Represents the Ascended Masters — The Ascended Masters are working with you on important projects. These are the great teachers who have been among us, and are represented in many religions.

The number 4: The angels — The angels are with you at this very moment, supporting and loving you.

The number 5: Changes — A 5 means significant transformation is going on within you, to bring you more into alignment with the “real you.” You are being transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

The number 6: Balance between heaven and Earth — When you notice the number 6, there is an imbalance, due to too much thought about earthly worries and concerns. It is a good time to pray or meditate to help raise your vibration to a higher level.

The number 7: You are doing great — You are on a roll; the angels are applauding you. They are giving you kudos and congratulations. You are doing a great job; keep up the good work!

The number 8: Abundance — You are manifesting financial prosperity at this time. Be open to receiving these blessings from heavenly angels, as well as earthly angels.

The number 9: Share yourself with others — You will notice others needing or desiring your attention. The angels are working through you to assist them. It is time to share your love, your talents and your compassion with others.

When the angels really want to grab your attention, they will send you numbered sequences like 111, 222, 333 and so on. When you start noticing three or more numbers in sequence, at that very moment, stop and think. What are your thoughts focused on?

The angels send these number sequences to help give clarity to your thoughts. For example, say you have just interviewed for your dream job. You know it went well, but there is a part of you wondering about the outcome. As you are driving home later that day, it is on your mind. When you come to a traffic stop, you notice an advertisement on a van. The address for the business contains the number sequence 222.

The next morning, on your way to work, you stop for gas. The pump stops and it took $32.22 to fill your tank. Another 222 sequence. At lunchtime, you overhear two coworkers talking about a road trip. One tells the other, “It was 222 miles, one way.” Hmmm, yet another 222 number sequence. Are the angels trying to tell you something? Of course! The angels are telling you to have faith. Be patient and keep your thoughts positive.

A week later, you receive a call that you’ve been hired for your dream job, with the employer asking, “When can you start?”

If you would like to learn more about angelic numerology, a great book is Angel Numbers, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., and Lynnette Brown. The book has interpretations for number sequences up to 999. It is a handy book to keep with you, as you never know when the angels will send you an important message.


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Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 5, October/November 2007.

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