Attraction, karma, vacuum and you

The energy of our patterns exists within our energy field, and it continues to draw the same experiences to us again and again.

by John English — 

The universe and life often seem to be a complex web of energy that can best be described as random chaos. However, as many of you now know, the universe does work in ways we can begin to understand, and life can have a flow that makes it meaningful and delicious. This flow can easily be established when we acknowledge a few universal laws and use them to our advantage. The universal laws of attraction, karma and vacuum can be used in combination to live a conscious life of power and purpose.

The first universal law for us to look at is the law of attraction. Recently popularized by the movie, The Secret, this law states very simply that every experience — good, bad and indifferent — we have attracted into our lives with the power of our thoughts. This law also states that like frequencies attract one another. Modern science and quantum physics have taught us that everything is energy, including our thoughts. We are constantly creating our reality through the frequency of thought.

In addition to our physical bodies, each of us has an energy field. This is the energetic representation of our physicality. We carry these thought frequencies around in our energy fields, as well as the energy of our patterns and the wounds we have endured in this life. Since the universal law of attraction states that like frequencies always attract one another, it can be very challenging for us to eliminate those stubborn patterns that persist in our lives.

The energy of our patterns exists within our energy field, and it continues to draw the same experiences to us again and again. To change our lives, we must change the energy within us.

Karma is an interesting subject, and for many it has had a negative connotation — but we must remember there is also good karma. The universal law of karma says that everything comes back to its creator. The Tao Te Ching states that all beings return to the source. Every deed, thought and creation returns to its source — this is the law of karma. Another way of putting this is that what goes around, comes around.

As you may be realizing by now, we can use this rule of the universe to our advantage by consistently putting out to the universe only what we want to return to us. When we maintain a state of gratitude, grounding our thoughts and actions in love, actions and thoughts of love return to us. By combining the laws of attraction and karma, and applying them in your life, you are moving into a new level of power by consciously creating your reality.

By maintaining a level of gratitude for your life and all that you have, you are attracting more for which to be grateful. By putting only good things out into the world that you would like to see return, you are using the law of karma to be a blessing in this world. This, in turn, attracts more blessings to you — and on and on it goes.

The next universal law is the law of vacuum. It states that the universe will always fill a vacuum. You may have heard it as the universe abhors a vacuum. Those of you who have used this principle know how true it is. When you remove the energy of what you do not want in your life, you leave a vacuum in your life and in your energy field.

By watching your thoughts and engaging in right action, you are telling the universe, via the laws of attraction and karma, how you want that vacuum filled. You are getting the picture. The universe responds and fills your energy field and your life with the energy you are using through attraction and karma. If you are doing your best to stay in gratitude and abundance, focusing on creating that for yourself and others, then this is how the universe will fill that vacuum — with gratitude and abundance.

The universe always gives us what we want. Some of you know this is true from experience; others might simply sense, at some level, the truth of this statement. The problem occurs when we send it inconsistent messages. When it comes to directing the power of the universe, actions speak louder than words. We may be using the law of attraction and focusing our thoughts on our heart’s intentions but they do not show up in our reality.

This could be due to ignoring the law of karma. We need to support our thoughts with right action: the action we desire to return to us. Perhaps we are using good thoughts and right actions, but still the universe does not seem to deliver. This could be due to something existing within us that is contrary to what we are trying to manifest. We must move that block out of our lives physically and energetically in order to give the universe a vacuum to fill.

Combining the universe’s laws of attraction, karma and vacuum is one of the most powerful experiences you will have in your life; practicing them will make this world a nicer place to be. Implementing these laws can move you into a space of consciously participating in creation. It is important to remember that all of our affirming thoughts and actions are much more powerful than our negative ones.

If you are not in the right space physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, give yourself permission to release the negativity and its energetic source. If you need help clearing something, reach out to the spirit world or to your brothers and sisters, and then get right back to using the combination of these three laws to live and create the powerful being that you are.


John English is a shamanic healer and award-winning author of The Shift: An Awakening. He conducts private sessions and workshops about destiny and the dreamtime, shamanic healing, journeying and the medicine wheel. or 480-473-8957.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 26, Number 2, April/May 2007.

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