Autumn altars

Autumn brings us to the threshold of a time that represents introspection and rest.

by Josephine M. Joseph — 

Fall is the time we open our hearts and give thanks for the bounty of the summer harvest. Honoring the earth and the flow of life helps give voice to the next cycle of creativity and growth.

Autumn brings us to the threshold of a time that represents introspection and rest. Ritual and ceremony help us tune into the earth’s wisdom and rhythms to prepare for the changing season.

A fun and interactive project is to set goals for the fall using an altar for connection and healing. Altars act as portals and are tools for forming an alliance with the spirits of nature and/or the spirits in heaven to assist you with manifesting your heart’s desire.

On the altar, you may place offerings of gratitude such as lavender, rosemary, ornamental corn, gourds or symbols that represent the harvest. Celebrate the season with loved ones and a hearty meal, affirming continued abundance for all.

You also can place items on the altar that reflect what you wish to release. Using natural material such as hemp, braid your wishes into the cord using your power of visualization, imprinting the braid with intention. Place it on the altar and ask the spirits of nature to imbue it with their magic for manifestation.

Keep the altar in a sacred place where you can take a few moments a day to bless it with love and surrender it to the greater good. Remember to focus only on what you want, as the mind projects what you give energy to.

Daily ritual and ceremonial worship deepen the sacredness in living. Altars are gateways to what lies within; they connect us to this inner wisdom and serve as a testament to the love that unites us.


Josephine M. Joseph is a Karuna and Reiki master teacher, and owner of 623-698-6899.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number  4, Aug/Sept 2009.

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