Banish unproductive guilt with Pine

Banish unproductive guilt with Pine

Banish unproductive guilt with Pine

Banish unproductive guilt with Pine

by Linda M. Crider — 

Dr. Edward Bach had a particular intention when choosing each of the remedies that he included in his healing system. As with all 38 botanicals he selected, the essence of pine deals with a specific emotional imbalance. In this case, he sought a remedy for the negative emotion of guilt, both acute and chronic. He said that those in need of this remedy “are hardworking and suffer much from the faults they attach to themselves.”

Generally speaking, pine has a fresh scent that is associated with cleansing and energizing. However, when considering flower remedies, it is not the scent of the plant that heals (as with essential oils in aromatherapy) but its vibrational essence. After much thought and experimentation, Bach decided on a method of extraction that uses either heat from the sun or boiling water to isolate the energetic imprint of the plant’s emotional healing ability. When making a mother tincture, conifers such as pine are made by what is referred to as “the boiling method.”

The Pine remedy helps those who tenaciously carry the blame for their own mistakes and sometimes feel responsible for the faults of others. Guilt is an unproductive emotion that can eat away at the spirit. It is human to make bad choices, but the way one handles them emotionally determines how the error impacts the psyche. If not dealt with, the resulting vibrational glitch can eventually manifest as bodily disease.

The Pine remedy is called for in acute situations, such as twinges of guilt over a minor, fleeting offense, or in chronic, ongoing cases that have been grating on the spirit for years or even decades. These individuals can sometimes be recognized as the ones who apologize when things go wrong, even if they are not at fault. This often manifests in self-deprecating behavior. If there are five seats available and six guests, a person in the negative Pine state will insist on being the one who stands.

Such deep-seated cases can sometimes be traced to overly critical, early childhood training or religious beliefs that encouraged feelings of general unworthiness. Unbeknownst to the individual, these emotional roadblocks can hamper success or general well-being.

It would seem that such negative effects of guilt are restricted to humans; however, those who have demonstrated abilities to communicate with plants and animals beg to differ. Although many animals may not show remorse openly, think of how abused animals take on a self-effacing demeanor when approached by humans with the best of intentions. It is possible that feelings of fear and submission may be the cause, but Pine might be among the remedies considered depending on the circumstances.

Taking Pine can help the afflicted individual of any species achieve feelings of self-worth and a sense of peace by recognizing and admitting mistakes without constantly dwelling on them. Guilt transforms into regret, which can sometimes be a beneficial learning experience, as the intention is to alter one’s behavior in the future.


Linda M. Crider, BFRP, has been a promoter and educator of botanical healing practices for 15 years. She specializes in flower essence therapy and is a Bach Foundation registered practitioner and founder of Blooming Vibrations, LLC. or 602-774-2382.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 34, Number 1, February/March 2015.

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