Beauty and purpose in relationships

Webster’s Dictionary defines relationship as the state of being related or interrelated.

by John English — 

Relationships are not always what we expect them to be, but they are always exactly what they are supposed to be. This is true because relationships are great ways we learn to navigate the physical plane with power and awareness to improve our relationship with life. When we realize this, we are on our way to having healthier, happier and more powerful relationships.

Webster’s Dictionary defines relationship as the state of being related or interrelated. One of the reasons we struggle with our relationships is because we forget that all facets of life are interrelated, interconnected and interactive. If we have problems in a relationship, we often forget to stop and ask, “Why would I need this experience with this person in my life?” We move into being the victim, instead of using the experience as a mirror into our own behavior.

Another reason relationships are so powerful is because we get to know ourselves through them. We get to know the ego self; we can then own its behavior, shift it and realize the Self. The Self is our higher self, our true identity. When we embrace the universal law that tells us that everyone we meet and relate to is a mirror for us, we then become truly aware of everything within ourselves. Other people are always reflecting our greatness, our character defects or something in between, back to us.

A conscious person knows they have created everything in their life. If you remember this, make a decision to quit taking things personally and read what other people are mirroring to you, you will move into accelerated growth and evolution. As this power is manifested, you will attract different experiences and people because you have used the mirrors to remove what you found undesirable within yourself.

You have also owned that all the greatness you see in others actually exists within you as well. This will bring more joy, beauty and power into your relationships and your relationship with life. This takes place because of universal law and the willingness to look at yourself.

All the great mystical traditions mention how the One Spirit, which many refer to as God, fashioned its creation so that it could get to know its Self. Let’s take a minute to embrace this within the context of relationship. Every time you reach out to another to get to know your Self, you are using the same intention and level of power for creation. Isn’t this amazing and perfect?

When you own that you have created your experience in life and use the reflections you see in the mirrors other people represent, you will grasp that life is a feeling and you are an expression of divinity. If you reach out to others with an open heart and a desire to get to know your Self, you will then accept that you are a great gift to this world — a world that would not be the same without you.


John English is the award-winning author of The Shift and The Little Book on Relationship. He is founder and chairman of DreamTime LLC, teaches and writes on a variety of subjects, including energy medicine, shamanism and the Medicine Wheel. or 480-473-8957.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 2, Apr/May 2009.

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