Beauty starts in your mind

When you step up and succeed, you will become an inspiration to others.

by Johnny G — 

Isn’t it odd how we are often critical of ourselves? We worry about what other people think of our appearance, our possessions and our behavior. What we probably do not realize is that most of the time, the other people we are concerned about impressing are just as worried about what we think of them.

Most people know what they want, but they think their goals and desires are crazy or unrealistic. As a result, they suppress their best creative thoughts, holding them inside as unfulfilled dreams. After all, when a dream is never reached for, it has no chance of failing. More importantly, though, it has no chance of succeeding. What we must realize is that we are our own worst critics. To move beyond these self-doubts, all we have to do is simply step up and challenge ourselves.

When you step up and succeed, you will become an inspiration to others. All that’s required to be the best you can possibly be and realize your heart’s desire is to simply get involved. Dare to accomplish what you only dream of today, and watch the miracles unfold.

If you want to prove this is true for yourself, look at the popular makeover shows on TV. The stylists change people’s lives by first changing their hairstyle and color. They then move on to makeup, clothes and physical appearance. Once the makeover is complete, the lucky subjects feel like a million dollars and they go out into the world, looking and feeling incredible, transformed and beaming with renewed confidence.

What’s the most important thing the makeover gave them? Is it a new look? No. The real secret is that they were merely jumpstarted to believe in themselves again. You can do the same for yourself by creating your own makeover. It’s quite easy, really.

Begin with a new hairstyle, one that frames your face and enhances your best features. Then put together an outfit that complements your new hairstyle. Give yourself permission to splurge on a professional makeup artist who can teach you new ways to enhance your features with the colors that work best for you.

After your makeover, you will head out into the world just like those people on TV, and those around you will notice and be inspired by your new confidence. They will want some of your positive energy. They will want to spend time with you to see if they can catch the same “confidence fever” that you caught.

But always remember — even with your new look — that beauty starts at the top of your head, in your mind first.


Johnny G is a hairstylist who makes every woman look and feel like a star with his philosophy of creating beauty from the inside out.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 5, October/November 2008.

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