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The nature of yoga

October 1, 2013

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by Kathleen Bryant —  Like its symbol, the lotus, the practice of yoga unfolds a petal at a time. Asana, the physical posture of yoga, comprises only one of eight limbs or aspects of yoga. The others include ethical behavior, personal disciplines, breath and energy work, and progressive levels of concentration and meditation. Many Westerners […]

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Hypnosis and mind expansion

September 26, 2013

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by Irene Conlan —  In the 1991 movie, Defending Your Life, Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks die and meet in an afterlife that greatly resembles the present-day U.S. They are required to prove their worth by demonstrating in court how they showed courage while alive. Each has a defender and a prosecutor, and each appears […]

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Thoughts about hurricanes Katrina and Rita

September 21, 2013

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by Elyse Ann —  We are all painfully aware of the complete and utter devastation that hurricanes Katrina and Rita leveled against the Gulf Coast. People lost their lives. Many, literally, have lost every material possession. They have become nomads in their own country. As difficult as it has been to watch these events unfold, […]

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Projection vs. perception

September 9, 2013

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by John English —  Editor’s Note: This is the second in a four-part series on the directions of the medicine wheel in Incan shamanism. The student of Incan shamanism begins with the serpent path in the south, where she or he sheds their past and programming like the serpent sheds her skin. The west direction […]

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Meditation: Pathway to inner peace

September 8, 2013

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by Ada Porat —  The practice of meditation offers clear physiological, mental and emotional benefits. It can lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety and depression, aid restorative sleep and promote a general sense of well-being. Meditation assists with integrating the inner world of peace and joy with the outer world of action and achievement. This integration […]

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The Love Tetra

September 3, 2013

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by Dr. Larry Wilson —  This article is about balancing your life with the love tetra — four qualities of action that, when done in a balanced way, can lead to greater happiness and better health. The word tetra means four and is short for tetrahedron, which is a geometric solid with four sides and […]

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Are your relationships a foggy reflection?

September 2, 2013

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by Sherry Anshara —  Relationships come in all forms, sizes, shapes and time frames. Relationships can be defined as personal — family, extended family, adopted family and significant others, romantic or not. Relationships can also be described as professional- or business-related — career, position, title and degree. Every relationship can be defined in some way, […]

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What is your soul’s intention?

August 3, 2013

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by Sandy Jones —  When we think about the word intention, what comes to mind? Setting goals? Creating something? Putting a message out to the universe so that it will return in a manifested form? That sounds about right. But, what are intentions anyway? And more to the point, what are your intentions? Intention, by […]

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We are the authors of our own life contracts

August 2, 2013

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by Sherry Anshara —  Have you ever thought about counting how many people you have met in your lifetime? Ever counted how many people have influenced you? Reflect back through your life and examine your myriad experiences with all the people you have met, from the minute you were born to this very moment. What […]

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Meditation as medicine

July 25, 2013

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In the future, we will not need medicine as we know it. As many already realize, the root causes of ailments are spiritual and psychosomatic. Enlightened doctors make an effort to prescribe holistic treatments related to meditation and inward focus that help the body heal itself. Physicists explain that since all things are made of […]

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In your dreams

July 18, 2013

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by Sandra SunDreamer —  Dreams teach us many things about ourselves. Sometimes they forewarn us; other times they challenge us to look beyond the symbols for hidden meanings. Spirit speaks to us in many ways — dreams are just one of those ways. Some people believe they never dream, but the many studies regarding the […]

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10 steps for dealing with difficult people — from cantankerous coworkers to temperamental teenagers

July 17, 2013

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by Ray Dodd —  They annoy us. Cause us trouble. Push our buttons. They are difficult people, and we seem to encounter them constantly: at work, at home and everywhere in between. What do we need to know to deal with the people who repeatedly irritate us? What do we do, in particular, if these […]

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Love, wisdom and hurricanes

July 15, 2013

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  by Dr. Larry Wilson — With Katrina and Rita, two powerful hurricanes, arriving so close together, many people are wondering about storms. What is their meaning for us? More importantly, what good comes from storms and other disasters? Natural disasters have occurred for as long as mankind has been on this planet. They are […]

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