Choosing your teammates in the money game

One of the best methods for assessing your current money team is to compile a Top 10 list.

by Karen Russo — 

When we invest with financial leverage, money’s capacity to purchase, create or circulate is increased by borrowing. Banks routinely help people buy $300,000 homes with $30,000 in cash and $270,000 of financial leverage. More leverage means more capacity, more risk and more potential return.

Working, playing, investing, sharing and dreaming with other people about money and its meaning in your life is a form of leverage. When you consciously connect with, team up, work, play and pray with others, you open yourself to new possibilities of inner and outer wealth.

So who’s on your money team? The people, experiences and circumstances in your money life reflect, or mirror back to you, your financial consciousness (the sum total of your spiritual, mental and emotional beliefs) and your financial choices.

One of the best methods for assessing your current money team is to compile a Top 10 list. First, list the 10 individuals with whom you spend the most time. Include your mate, children, parents and siblings if they are close by, as well as your boss, co-workers or partners, friends, neighbors and community members. Then, one by one, capture the facts or themes of each person’s consciousness and results when it comes to money.

What do you see? What are the dominant themes of the spirituality of the people around you? Are they fearful or visionary? What goals are they pursuing? Are they trying to manipulate others, or are they creating win-win partnerships? What are their money habits like — orderly and excellent or messy and chaotic? What is the average net worth of your team? Average income? Where do you rank in the various categories? At the top, in the middle or at the bottom? Is that what you want? You might find the results inspiring, shocking, pleasing or upsetting.

What’s next? It’s not necessarily about reviewing a credit report before every coffee date or about telling your cousin that her consciousness is sub-par. But you can make conscious choices about where and with whom you invest your time, energy, attention and resources. You may find youself becoming more deliberate and observant as you navigate through family outings, spiritual communities, charitable groups, social causes and neighborhood activities when you desire to match your interests and goals with people who are playing a money game that you want to join.

For many conscious wealth-builders, it’s vital to proactively seek out prosperity partners, mastermind groups and vision teams to support developing mastery in spirituality, beliefs and habits in their financial lives. A strong, diverse group of four to 10 people can meet regularly on the phone, in person or over a meal for support, challenge and expansion.

It’s great to work and play with people who value abundance, generosity and cooperation. That’s a winning money team.


Karen Russo is a spiritual guide in personal finance for entrepreneurs, investors and conscious wealth builders. She is the author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 27, Number 5, October/November 2008.

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