Connect to yourself and spirit with prayer

by Tina Sacchi — 

As a group, you may pray more and learn other ways to connect.

Some of us learn about prayer at a very young age. Some of us pray only at church/temple, mealtime or bedtime. For others, prayer is part of their daily lives.

You can pray alone or in a group; one way is not better than the other. Solitary prayer has its benefits. It is a wonderful opportunity to gain perspective on your situation, create reflection time and connect with God in your own unique way. Indeed, we all need alone time, once in a while. But when you come together as a group of as few as two people, prayer can also be very powerful.

As a group, you may pray more and learn other ways to connect. You can combine your collective energies, and the presence of this energy can be felt at the deepest level of your being. It is like sharing a special meal with like-minded people. In fact, breaking bread together as communal prayer feeds our spirits in wonderful ways.

Prayer attracts solutions because when you dedicate time to pray, you focus on the situation at hand. And when you focus, you are dedicating all of yourself — your mind, body, spirit and emotions. You can relieve stress, calm fears, reduce anxiety and gain clarity as a result. You open yourself to possibilities, insight and inspiration. Praying on a regular basis helps your overall health and well-being.

A healing and healthy habit is to pray upon awakening, before you meditate, sit down to eat, go to a meeting or attend an event. By doing so, you are calling upon God and your Divine support team. Having faith is real and powerful.

Every day, we are learning in this human physical body. It helps to know that we are not alone — God and his helpers are on our side. Myriad spiritual beings are here to root for us, nudge us in the right direction and provide comfort when we need it. We have free will to call upon them whenever we choose. Try using prayers in your routine and see for yourself.


Tina G. Sacchi is a holistic and spiritual practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, speaker and teacher., 623-261-6167 or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 4, Aug/Sept 2010.

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