Conscious consentience defined

Conscious consentience is a visionary mode and a subtle use of the Law of Attraction.

Conscious consentience is a visionary mode and a subtle use of the Law of Attraction.

by J. Hamilton — 

Most people are aware of the Law of Attraction, which says that what we focus on expands. In other words, what we set our sights on, we attract into our lives. Taken one step further, the Law of Attraction says that by a combination of conscious output (i.e., intentional focus combined with “underlying quality of intent”), we create reality in alignment with our potential.

Conscious and unconscious consentience are similar, but generally are applied to mass mind reality creation. This author created these terms while writing Visionaries Thrive in All Times, to describe a phenomenon in which humanity empowers and contributes to an event by intentionally or inadvertently investing attention in that event. In other words, an unconscious populace may look on in horror at a catastrophic situation, but through the Law of Attraction, they have inadvertently empowered that very situation.

By focusing the attention of thousands or millions of nervous systems on an event, we contribute to it. When we inadvertently focus on something dysfunctional or tragic, we bring life to it. This is unconscious consentience. Governments and marketing agencies harness this thought field all the time. It is called manipulating mass mind consensus for their own use. For example, what would be the success of a parade, football game or war without the contribution of the audience?

Conscious consentience is a visionary mode and a subtle use of the Law of Attraction. However, it can become the source for collective reality creation. Conscious consentience says that when humanity consciously throws its weight behind an ideal or value, we contribute to the unfolding of that ideal or value. Conscious consentience (a two-part formula) says that as we perceive what is going on with unconditional love, we hold a vision for what we wish to see — and become far more useful to the whole.

This is important. We must understand that we have a huge influence through our gaze alone. Based on our ignorance of fundamental concepts, we inadvertently contribute to the frightful and dangerous events that go on upon the planet. And, while we have a huge repository of power and influence, most of us simply observe and inadvertently consent.

Take for example Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. Collectively, the nation shared in the horror and anguish brought about by a storm that devastated a substantial American city. And while there were cheap thrills watching the power of the storm, or even concern for the welfare of the inhabitants, what did we each really contribute to this event? We sent money, maybe prayers and what else? We relied on the government!

Now, there’s some dysfunctional thinking and a disregard for our conscious connection with the cosmos. What could have been more effective?

How about loving the storm as soon as we heard about it? How about blessing the storm with unconditional love as it came ashore? How about loving the people in their perceived dire circumstances? How about practicing unconditional love for the circumstances that we see anywhere on the planet? It is well within our capacity to love the circumstance before us, all the while holding a vision of what we wish to see.

Apply this to mass mind reality creation and we have a solution for anything. There’s an expression that says, “One connected to Source is more powerful than one million who are not.” We have an exponential multiplier available that can readily move mountains.

Imagine realizing that all is in order and, through our perception, making the world a better place. An empowered sentient being has it within his/her gaze to view a happening, frame it with unconditional love and hold a vision for what we really wish to see. And, while it might take a bit of effort to develop the habit, and require some thought regarding the desired outcome, what else do living nervous systems connected with the cosmos have to do with their time?


J. Hamilton is an author of Visionaries Thrive in All Times: Blueprint for Reality Creation and lives in Sedona, Ariz. 928-282-0807, or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 1, February/March 2006.

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