Cosmic courage

November 3, 2012


The holidays are always a time for reflection and gratitude. We reflect upon the last year and all the things for which we have to be thankful.

Cosmic courage

by John English — 

Often we forget that it takes courage to live a powerful life that is on purpose. Many of us now realize that everything in our lives comes to us via the universal law of attraction. In other words, we have attracted every thing, all the people, every experience, our work, and even our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.

Once we are onboard with the universal law of attraction, we can step into a space where we take complete responsibility for our entire life. This is a very empowering place to be. This first leap takes courage, and once we take it, life begins to make sense. We see that all of our experiences, good and bad, are about our personal path of evolution. We start creating instead of reacting. We learn where and how in our lives we have been moving in the opposite direction of the experiences we desire to manifest.

As our eyes open to all of this power, we begin to see that much of what we learned about how to get by in this world no longer works well for us. For instance, we realize the traits of honesty, integrity and impeccability make it much easier for us to create the life we have always dreamed about. Heart-centered actions like honorable intention, compassion and nonattachment keep us squarely on the path of staying awake and consciously steering our course in life, and these are the places where we need to embody courage.

When we remain centered in and use the previously mentioned qualities, we move against the flow of many people in this world. After we have taken responsibility for creating our own lives through the universal law of attraction and karma, we find that we must shed our past programming and then be willing to operate differently than the majority of people. This can take a lot of courage, courage of an almost cosmic level.

Thank God the universe responds, and we see through direct experience that life goes much more smoothly when we operate from a different vibration than the majority. This makes it easier for us to have the courage to engage life differently and say no to our programming when it shows up, trying to move us into fear and the old behaviors and paradigms of aggression, an eye for an eye and every person for themselves.

The holidays are always a time for reflection and gratitude. We reflect upon the last year and all the things for which we have to be thankful. We contemplate the changes we would like to make in the new year. Over the holidays, give yourself credit for having the courage to walk impeccably in this world. As you consider your path in the new year, remember to ask for the cosmic courage to be a light in this world through the universal law of attraction. An amazing thing will happen: others will follow.


John English is a shamanic healer and award-winning author of The Shift: An Awakening. He conducts private sessions and workshops about destiny and the dreamtime, shamanic healing, journeying and the medicine wheel. or 480-473-8957.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 25, Number 6, December 2006/January 2007.

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