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Some factors you cannot control, such as environmental pollution issues; however, there are many areas of life over which you do have control.

Some factors you cannot control, such as environmental pollution issues; however, there are many areas of life over which you do have control.

by Linda Leibl — 

Did you know that you actually have an entirely new body every seven years? That is right. Every seven years, your body recycles, renews and rejuvenates itself, as your cells, bones and blood remanufacture themselves. You can help your body slow its aging process by controlling what you consume and expose yourself to.

Some factors you cannot control, such as environmental pollution issues; however, there are many areas of life over which you do have control.

Areas you can control

You can control what you eat and drink, as well as what you are exposed to externally. Each and every day, your choices are abundant — that is part of what makes life so exciting. For those areas over which you feel you do not have control, you do have a choice about how you accept or handle them. That piece of those experiences is completely up to you.

We live in one of the richest countries on Earth; yet look at the health of our people. It is a shame to see more than half the population overweight, with many bordering on obesity. Even with all the choices at our disposal, we remain an incredibly unhealthy society. Perhaps it is, in part, a case of too many choices of unhealthy, chemically filled and essentially “dead” food.

It is tempting to simply explain our ill health away by saying that as a culture we are uneducated, ignorant, lazy or perhaps just don’t care anymore. Well, I say, “No more excuses!”

I believe that the pleasure of living a healthier life is more appealing than being unhealthy. If you want to look and feel younger and have great skin, you have some serious choices to make. It takes a simple approach, but not necessarily an easy one.

When thinking of such changes, a very dear friend comes to mind. She chose a healthier lifestyle a long time ago and has made some astronomical changes in her life. Although she has had many choices along the way, she has made wise decisions. Originally from Belgium, she has been my personal trainer since August 2002.

Christi’s story

Christi and I met several years ago through a wonderful women’s social group called the Women of Scottsdale. I noticed her at the monthly meetings and knew that she was around my age, but she appeared to have the body of a 30-year-old. She was always full of energy and vibrancy. I felt she must be highly knowledgeable in her field to look as she did — and believe me, she does “walk her talk” to the maximum degree.

Since then, I have been focusing on becoming healthier and, in doing so, have lost 16 pounds and more than two pants sizes. By choosing to create a healthier lifestyle with a long-range goal of having more energy, feeling great and living longer, the weight just melted off my body. And if I can do it after spending 25 years in the sedentary Midwest, trust me — anyone can.

Wise lifestyle changes

When we met, Christi had many questions. Primarily, she was curious about why my face looked so young. She wanted to accomplish with her skin what she had accomplished with her body, so we committed to work together to create a win-win situation for both of us. Christi didn’t want to resort to a facelift or a laser procedure. She wanted something painless, risk-free and affordable that would produce amazing results but require little downtime.

Anti-aging secrets

After Christi began following my regimen, I interviewed her about the procedures. These are the questions, along with her answers.

Q: What are the fundamental factors that contribute to your excellent health and great skin?

A: Regular exercise, healthy food habits (including live, raw food), treating myself and others with the highest respect, and living and enjoying every moment to the fullest.

Q: Why did you decided to have the Micro-Dermabrasion Plus done by Linda Leibl at Advanced Skin Technology?

A: Because I trust Linda and her profound professionalism. She has beautiful, ageless skin.

Q: How often do you have the treatment?

A: I have a wonderful treatment on a very relaxing vibrating table every two weeks. This is extremely anti-stressing and stimulates the circulation in my face for accelerated results.

Q: How did your skin feel after your first Micro-Dermabrasion Plus treatment?

A: Very smooth and soft.

Q: Why do you feel that the Arbonne International line is highly important in the entire process?

A: They are the best and purest products I have ever found — and I am originally from Europe, so I know what good products are.

Benefits from the Micro-Dermabrasion Plus treatment

  • No pain, no risk, no downtime
  • Amazing results in 60 minutes
  • Results equal to three glycolic facial peels
  • Lots of compliments on your skin


Linda L. Leibl, B.S., has been a clinical esthetician since 1986 and founded Advanced Skin Technology in 1993 in Scottsdale, Ariz. She recently created the Anti-Aging Facial, a four-component facial. or 480-443-3445.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 24, Number 4, August/September 2005.

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