Dr. Rife’s world was so different than ours

Curing cancer requires a major shift in lifestyle or else the cancer will likely recur. This is because our air, water, soil and food are so much more contaminated.

by Brenda Haas-Krieger — 

Dr. Royal Rife was an inventor who, in the 1930s, proved that microorganisms, including cancer, can be readily destroyed through the use of frequencies. He had truly discovered a cure for cancer and was hounded to his death because of it.

Rife machines still exist. But today, curing cancer also requires a major shift in lifestyle or else the cancer will likely recur. This is because our air, water, soil and food are so much more contaminated than in Rife’s day. Also, the soil is depleted of minerals that the body uses to stay alkaline.

In World War II, it was known that Japanese soldiers’ rations tasted better than the American rations. After the war, the Americans discovered that the Japanese rations contained monosodium glutamate (MSG), and American food companies began to liberally add MSG to enhance the taste of food. But MSG is a powerful inducer of free radicals that are linked to cancer growth. Glutamate receptors on tumors have been shown to stimulate tumor invasion and spreading.

Since WWII, our food has been laden with chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and pesticides. Animals raised in large commercial feedlots are fed an unnatural diet of corn and, as a result, their meat is acidic, low in omega-3s and high in omega-6s. Hormones and antibiotics fed to the animals enter our bodies and upset the balance of our inner terrain.

In the 1990s, genetic engineering began to change corn, soy, canola and cotton. This practice has become a prescription for cellular destruction. Last year the American Academy of Environmental Medicine called for a moratorium on genetically engineered foods.

Let us also not forget the hazards of the modern kitchen, which is loaded with toxic conveniences — aluminum pots and pans, microwave ovens (which denature proteins) and plastics from can linings and bottles. We rarely cook from scratch anymore with locally raised, nutrient-dense food. No wonder cancer is epidemic.

We would significantly reduce the rates of cancer if more of us would embrace a nontoxic world. Eat organic food and use nontoxic beauty products and household cleaners; remove mercury fillings in teeth; and naturally replace hormones that have been depleted. Most of us are also living with extremely compromised intestines. It has been said that the intestines contain 90 percent of our immune system. We have the power to make profound changes, if we know what steps to take.

Some people arrive at this understanding only after several rounds of surgery, chemo and radiation. Their immune systems are so compromised that it is almost impossible to recover. Others resist the fear used to sell the barbaric slash- and-burn practices and recognize that the better route is to heal their bodies with food, supplements and the ingenious Rife frequencies.

Rife technology recognizes that the human body is an electrical entity. Dr. Rife painstakingly identified the individual energetic signature of each microbe and learned how to apply just the right frequency to shatter it. It is the same principle at work when an intense musical note shatters a wine glass. Rife machines are still used today by holistic practitioners.


Brenda Haas-Krieger, M.S., D.D., has a master’s in environmental health from the College of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati. She works with BeamRay frequencies based on Dr. Rife’s work and SCIO (formerly QXCI). 480-314-0065, or

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 29, Number 2, Apr/May 2010.

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